I want be free of the stress of Writer's Block Hypnosis. 

        "There is no such thing "

That's a bold statement, I know. so please allow me to clarify what I mean, being a 'blocked writer' is not necessarily what everyone thinks it is.

In the traditional sense, when a writer(or artist) is "blocked", it means that "for some reason, they just cannot access the part of them that easily knows how to create" , and if that you somewhere you have seen how people usually act like they have no control over it.

They just go about their daily activities and "wait for it to end."

The truth is that your subconscious mind knows exactly why you can't write. So, the key is to get  that out on a conscious level and move through it.

Which means that you do have power over it. You have the power to get un-blocked and you also have the power to change how you deal with the situation that blocked you in the first place.

There are many books written about this subject and one I like to mention is "The Artist Way". It is written is self help workbook format. The author walks you through some free writing techniques which assist in getting you past blocks at your own pace. The fact that it is written by a writer who has worked through her own holdbacks gives her work credibility. I highly recommend it.

By now you have figured out I am talking about another technique which is hypnosis.

With  Writer's block, hypnosis you can lower the anxiety and stress related to your blocked creativity and  move quickly easily and gently right on through it.


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Jump Start Creativity $9.95

I'll Upgrade NOW to Brainwave Enhanced Jumpstart Creativity Hypnosis with Theta Brainwave Entrainment $19.95

So, once you have moved through whatever has been blocking you or if you are just wanting to get into "the flow", hypnosis is the perfect tool to get there.

This is because your subconscious brain waves vibrate in what is called the "theta" state. You go through this state every time you go to sleep.

You can learn more about the different states of consciousness and how hypnosis works with them to help you reduce stress here. You can also use what is called a sight-sound machine. 

The one I have been using is called the Galaxy Machine.

This comes with glasses that have LED lights in them and headphones. The last time I checked they run about $250.00 at the retail sights.

You put on the glasses and the headphones, pick a setting on the machine (the manual has more information on this), and it will play a series of beeps and light flashes.

The point of this is to physically change your brain wave activity. It physically puts your brain into states known to be present during times of high creativity.

I have designed sessions that incorporate this technology in an audio format. So just upgrade to the brainwave enhanced version now.

This will gently guide your brain into highly creative states targeted to mimic the brain wave activity you are looking to produce a relaxed natural state in order to get to the creative genius in you.

Once in this state all fears become non issues and it is easy for you to identify beliefs that may or may not be working for you. this session can help you identify limiting beliefs at the subconscious level enabling you to let them go more easily.

You will then easily choose to let go of negative ideas, little negative influences in your creative process one by one, and quickly see the positive, dynamic effects of stress reduction and increased clarity.

Then with repeated listening you strengthen your mind with the positive suggestions included in this peaceful session. Allowing you to bring the sense of clarity and refreshment into your writing.

Some say you can't love hold in your hand, nor can you contain joy in a box.

You just know it's there.

I agree.

Well I like to see it manifest in our creative projects.

It's is easy to by pass the critical mind while in hypnosis, and tap back into the part of you that knows how do this with out effort, just as a flower pours forth its essence, with ease and and joy.

So, you will really feel the stress related to writer's block drift away, which leaves you refreshed and free to go out and...

Make listening to great hypnosis a part of your creative day now by getting yourself the download now.

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