Why People Fail

The importance of reading a little book called Why People Fail, becomes clear once you start to see your self in the pages.

Many books written on how to succeed and as you might have suspected I have written a page called  4 steps to making changes, that will help you focus on some details about the process of making positive changes. 

Yet I also wanted to take a brief look at some books about common human failures. Plenty of those are out there too. The one I liked was written in a positive light with some solutions, in order to produce some insight to my readers about the flip side of success and how to avoid these pitfalls.

As a visitor of my site I care about you and I am invested in your success, so when I come across anything  that has changed the way I do success for the better, I like to share it with you.

What I am sharing with you today is an e-book called, "Why People Fail"

Written by Ken Evoy, president of SiteSell.com, a man that I have to thank for being the inspiration for the way this entire site is laid out, and  found by the search engines for you to view.

His work has made a great positive impact on my success, and I am thrilled and honored to introduce some of his stuff.

This little book outlines a few personality traits that seem to be common among people that fail.

I believe all of us have some of these traits, including me.

I find most of us have them because they serve a certain purpose in keeping us safe and secure and in tune with our needs that insure our  survival on a lot of levels.

It is when they override their purpose, that they start to interfere with our jobs, relationships, etc.

It's valuable to know when and where these personality traits interfere with our lives, so we can do something about them.

Why People Fail "thumbnails" different personality traits, so if you read it and you are able to point something out in your own life, great! If you don't see yourself in this book, that's fine.

As I was reading this, I was reminded of few guidelines taught to me years ago by a wonderful mentor named Judy Kanokie, who role modeled many important things to me, before she went on to the glorious unknown where I am certain, this wonderful inspiring women rests in peace. This little book starts by outlining the things on H O W to get the most out of this book...



As I read the book with H O W in mind, I found it to be very constructive.

Just a simple change in my thinking, and Wow! I hope you will find it as useful as I did...It's called Why People Fail

Why People Fail

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MAKE your success happen and enjoy a great new day!

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