The Mind

This is an overview of the different states of the mind, how they interact with one another, and how that relates to hypnosis.

The human mind is an exploration of knowing, that is nearly impossible to fully explore in it's entirety here at this site, so for the sake of this reading, I have chosen to focus the information presented around discussing three well known and excepted parts of the mind...

  • Conscious
  • Subconscious
  • Superconscious
  • I am taking the perspective that each part has it's own brain wave group.

    For example, when you are functioning on the conscious level, your brain waves are between 13-30 Hz, which is called the beta state.

    The conscious state is where logic and problem solving skills are performed. Some will say these abilities are usually tied to your learning style. This approach follows the idea that your ability to access learning can be correlated to how you learn, and the format the given material is presented in, will have an effect on how well your absorb what is being presented.

    I would also go so far as to say that NLP (neuro linguistic programming) has it roots in this line understanding the human learning potential.

    The subconscious mind is where all our memories are held, dreaming takes place, and many of the dreams are remembered if you are awakened from this state to full waking consciousness abruptly from this state. During the subconscious state you experience the states called Theta, and your brainwaves are known to fire at it is 4-7.5 hz as well as Delta and your brainwaves fire at 0.5 -4hz. This is the part of the creative mind that is generally accessed the most during hypnosis, because you are most receptive to suggestions, this is when we know healing takes place, and a wealth of other activities occur such as rejuvenation.

    The superconscious mind is more like one mind or what is referred to as the collective consciousness that we all have access to. There is much more to still be discovered about this state,  for the purposes of hypnosis and personal change, the superconscious state is thought to be where deep profound insight takes place. I have been referring to this state as the Gamma state, and as the technology continues to reveal more information about this state many researchers are also following new discoveries as increased research unfolds regarding the super conscious and it potential to use it to solve problems.

    The more and more I roam around on the internet, the more I see others referring to this state as the superconscious as well. Years ago when I first began building this site and when I was searching google I got no results for this word.  I used it anyway, much to my surprise, I am happy to see it has been picking up in popularity. :)  

    During this state your brainwave activity frequencies have been tracked as going up into the 40 hz frequencies.

    Pretty awesome and amazing stuff. the coolest thing about this, is that you can target greater access to this state with sound wave technology.  Much like the highly suggestive state of hypnosis with sound wave technology.

    Here is a really interesting article on the mind for you to check out about how scientists have "detected" the superconscious !!!!

    To bring this all together

    The analogy I like best is that the three parts of your mind are like a funnel.

    We function on the conscious level most of the time, which is at the bottom, or the most narrow point of that funnel. This is where our critical thinking comes into play, which is great for keeping us safe at times, however it can also be our biggest hold back in lowering our confidence at critical times. To increase self confidence we just bypass it and go straight to the automatic state of the creative subconscious. 

    This is where practising hypnotic states helps you overcome holdbacks fears and phobias easily and effectively because it bypasses this critical factor and takes you into the realm where your imagination believes in possibilities, and  creates out comes or Fruits of the spirit,  miracles and blessings .

    The subconscious mind is somewhere in the middle and extends itself to the top of this funnel, and the superconscious in all it's vastness is like the air at the top of the funnel.

    Since the subconscious is in the middle, between the conscious and superconscious, this is the part we access during hypnosis.

    It acts as the messenger between the two.

    When we have negative memories, or false beliefs stored in our subconscious, we experience hold backs in functioning at our highest potential.

    The good news is that hypnosis allows us to overcome these hold backs as you add new programs to your subconscious.

    Hypnosis keeps you in touch with the part of the mind that is in direct connection with the super creative consciousness.

    There is a wide variety of research being done on interesting new theories about the mind.

    I hope this over view has been informative and engaging to your ah...mind, lol.

    Yet truth be known, no discussion would be complete with out a reference to how mind over matter works out for us.

    So you can also check out this story to get more details on what personal experience I have in seeing, how our thoughts are truly things, for a pretty awesome and interesting person I want to tell you about!!

    Just book mark the page if you don't have time to read it today and you will know where to come back to!

    I hope this has helped you to get a good idea of what hypnosis does, and how much you can actually achieve, on your own, with the power of your most important muscle - your mind .

    And once you have a good idea of all this, please go out and...

    Use the mind to MAKE it another great full day.

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