The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is an abstract place, it is better described as a state of mind.

Throughout the pages on this site, I talk about the logical mind and the creative mind.

This page is about the creative mind...often called the subconscious mind.

There are predictable ways to reach this state. Brain Entrainment technology developers have mastered bringing this area of science to the everyday user.

We now use predictable technology to activate your sleep / awake cycles. The subconscious mind is generally reached full access when your brainwaves are pulsating at the frequencies related to the alpha state. It is where are dreams are formed and where our imagination lives.

It holds all of our memories.

Over time, as our memories interact with each other, we develop reactions to certain situations in our lives...some of which become habits.

And, some of these habits, we would rather do without. We get rid of these unwanted habits with hypnosis.

You can call it positive thinking, affirmations, or whatever you's all a form of hypnosis that programs your subconscious mind. By regulating trance state it allows you to simple and effective put positive affirmations in at an exponentially more powerful way then by hearing them or saying they while in the conscious state. Here is a one simple example of how strong the creative mind is

When typewriters were first invented, the keys were laid out in order of how they are learned in the alphabet song (a b c d,etc.), but typists got so fast, the keys started jamming, and the typewriter would break.

To overcome this, the QWERTY keyboard was developed. This slowed down typists significantly.

A whole industry emerged to teach this new method. Now, guess what happened next to those using these devices?

Their subconscious minds took over and, automatically all the typists regained their speed.

In order to slow down the typists, and the old manual typewriters had chunks of metal put on the tip of the stamp pads to that would bunch up if you went to fast.

Had we not advanced technologically with computer processing speeds we may have witnessed another change in the type writers layout, as the keys would have had to changed again. Just to keep up with the speed and accuracy of the subconscious mind and it's potential to increase our speed over time.

And today, QWERTY is all we know, and it would be pretty hard to change.

There are just too many people who have it ingrained in their subconscious mind what actions to take in order to get the right letters on the page.

The point is this...

No one says the typists used hypnosis to learn the new keyboard layout, but by memorizing the keys and practicing over and over, they reprogrammed their subconscious mind, which is what hypnosis does.

There are lots of things you can probably think of that this works with.

The reason I like typing example is because it drives home to everyone how ingrained certain habits are.

The resistance of the businesses industry to allow for a revision in the key pad was so strong that they opted for a method to slow typist by adding chunks of metal to the stamp pad.

It illustrates and drives home the power of the creative mind in every day reality.

Back then hypnosis was not used to program the mind as efficiently as it is today, and that so was the most logical solution.

Programming the creative mind for change is practical because we have developed tried and true ways of reaching the subconscious mind and getting it to do what we want it to.

There are several techniques, but one of the most important is suggestion.

How well the suggestions are structured is a major part in how effective your subconscious mind will be in producing your desired results.

For example, everyone's creative mind is different.

Some people are visual learners.

Some are auditory learners.

Some are kinesthetic(emotional) learners

The theory states that everyone has a little of all three types of processing modalities, but one is usually more prominent than the others.

Suggestions should to be structured to use words that "click" with your subconscious mind in the way you are most apt to learn and take in information.

Further, you can use hypnosis to do a "search" of the ideas and memories held in the subconscious mind.

Advanced techniques such as the ideomotor response reflex, will produce an awareness of certain beliefs that you hold, that you didn't even know you had on a conscious level.

Just like a search engine...

And your subconscious mind will produce a list of memories and associations. That act as programs for you to act upon while in the conscious full waking state. If they are not serving any useful purpose I call these false beliefs.

When you realize that certain things are holding you back...

Then the use of suggestions can introduce "corrections" your subconscious mind.

And that is how you achieve success! You can also try self hypnosis to get an idea of what you can do with the unlimited potential of your subconscious mind.

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