Stretching Now

Stretching feels oh so good! Do this any time you think about it!

Why? Because it puts you in control right away and that increases your sense of purpose and achievement, leaving you feeling your own power instantly.

Remember to start when ever you find you have time. Get creative-even when you are standing in line you can do it. Even at your desk at work you can stretch out, even if it is just one back part of the body. Attempt to work it in anytime you can, so you are doing it as many times a week as you feel works for your schedule.

Think about the ways it enhances your life while your doing it, and it is best if done through out your whole life because it will reduce the effects of aging and it is a natural way you can reduce the wear and tear on joints and muscles. Even when you don't feel you have much flexibility you can always increase your range over a short period of time, provided you don't overdue one particular muscle group. Just start where ever you are at and enjoy the benefits today!It's so Easy!

Upper legs:

(particularly good for walkers and runners and its a great way to sneak in right before you site down at your desk or computer)

-Stand behind a chair or next to a wall or what ever is near by for support and balance.

- Stand on one foot, reach behind you and grab the other ankle.
- Gently pull your foot up toward your glutes. Don't rock or lean forward and keep your chest lifted.

-Hold the for 10 - 30 seconds. (if you don't have time to work in the total time it won't hurt to do it for ten seconds consistently)
-Repeat the stretch using the other leg.

Smile and think the words "yes I AM!"

Take a little weight off my shoulder and a load off my back:

This is a great way to warm up for activities that require bending and or upper body movements.

- Stand behind a chair or a wall for support and balance.

- Take one step away from the chair until your arms are almost fully extended.

- Bend forward from the waist, and let your shoulders fall forward.

-Gentle move your head in as many directions as you comfortably can while you do this one.

- Hold the stretch for 10-30 seconds.

Hippy Stretch:

-Stand behind a chair or use a wall for support and balance.

-Slightly bend your knees and cross one ankle over your opposite knee (you may find it it easier if you use your opposite hand to balance your ankle and take the pressure off it)

- Sit back slightly and hold for 10-30 seconds.

- Repeat crossing the other ankle over the opposite knee.

Lower leg:

-Stand arm's length behind a chair and hold on to the back for support and balance.

-Keep your feet a few inches apart and your toes pointed forward with your heels flat on the floor.

- Slowly push your pelvis forward, bend your elbows and lean forward, supporting yourself with your hands on the back of the chair.

-Repeat using the other leg for 10-30 seconds (or just 5 seconds if that's all the time you've got in this very minute!).

Standing Outer Thigh:

- Stand behind a chair and hold on to the back for support and balance.

-Place one foot back behind and diagonally, pressing your heel into the floor.

-Hold the stretch for 10-30 seconds (once again even 5 seconds will make an impact  )

- Other leg now!

Shoulder Rolling

-Hold this stretch for 10 seconds on the up side, Now go forward! DONE!!! You did it so - you use that energy flowing through out your body to program your self by saying or thinking Yes I AM!

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