Stage Hypnosis

Stage hypnosis is a very different from hypnotherapy or hypnosis used for personal change.

It is a comedy show designed to entertain, nothing more.

Usually, the hypnotist has spent a good amount of time mastering this art.

That includes designing questions that the entire audience will respond to.

For example, he/she will usually start by saying something like...

"Anyone who wants to be hypnotized, raise your hand". Some of the audience members will raise their hands.

The hypnotist will then choose those a series of questions that are geared toward determining whether or not is the type of person who will do these things on there own anyway... the ham in the audience, if you will.

The questions for stage hypnosis are usually things like, "Okay, out of all of you that have your hand up, how many have gone skinny dipping in public in the last two years? Please keep your hand up."

These types of questions will only be answered by audience members who are willing to put themselves on the line for the show, for the fun of it.

So, by choosing these types of people, its easier for the hypnotist to make his stage hypnosis show work. These select people are more likely to bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken in public because they already do "crazy" things with their friends anyway.

The art lies in the showman's ability to design questions that are entertaining, while structuring them in such a way that gets an immediate response of the subject during the show.

Each hypnotist has the challenge of creating great content (like the script of jokes a comedian writes) in addition to giving well thought out suggestions.

Thats why it is so fun to go see these shows, especially when you understand a little more about what makes it come off and be a great source of entertainment and fun!

So, if you're bored on a friday night, its a great thing to go do.

You could even take your friend that was in drama in high school and see if they end up on stage.

But, keep in mind, stage hypnosis is a comedy show. It's designed to be funny, not a therapeutic session.

Make a Great Day!

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