Stage-Fright-Hypnosis with Brainwave Entrainment is designed to get you out there with confidence and poise.

Ahhh why perform in public? Why not just stay comfortable in your own home or room and just share your gifts with a few trusted safe friends?  

Because somewhere in your mind you know that if you were suppose to share these talents that you have, even just with family and friends you want to do it with more ease and comfort and less self consciousness. So you can actually enjoy the experience more completely, with out all the endless effort and awkwardness that having stage fright produces.

The task of genius, and humanity is nothing if not genius, is to keep the miracle alive, to live always in the miracle. to make the miracle more and more miraculous, to swear allegiance to nothing, but only live miraculously, think only miraculously, die miraculously “ - Henry Miller

Do you common symptoms of stage-fright that have got you trapped into this limited thinking:


*repetitive negative thoughts
*visualization of things going badly.... relax , we can fix that
*dizziness ..... your going to learn how to feel more comfortable
*dry mouth
*sweaty hands.... you have what it takes to succeed
*rapid heart beat
*tunnel vision
*cold hands....... no worries, it happens doesn't matter any more
*stomach already know your not alone and many others have felt this way too, now you have come upon a positive solution....
*shaky knees
*trembling lips..... You are about to start building new pathways in your automatic nervous system in order to have the confident delivery you desire

Emotions, and Thoughts
*fears of losing control
*fears of dying.....You have a life time of finding that things are going to be okay some how.....
*fears of embarrassing myself
*fears of loosing my mind...... you can trade this for the safety of knowing you are more in control......
The paralysis one experiences as a result of stage fright can be the end to a long and expensive road of gaining expertise and competence in a performance area.

Have you gotten through the stages of development in becoming a trained and skilled performer and find that now, despite your talent and expertise, you are held back because of fear during public performance?

There is a solution with Stage-Fright-Hypnosis and Brainwave Technology.

Imagine being able to put your feet close your and drift off to a 30 minute session and come away having had the fear centers of your mind quieted.

Now you can do this with the click of a button.

How do I just let go of fear and move to the next level?

Most fears are a learned response that become imbedded in our programming and become stronger the more we use the coping skills that we already have in our subconscious programming because repetition strengthens and confirms. So you have to learn how to respond in new ways at that same level of mind and it happens over time with repetition and strength of delivery, of an end result in what the subconscious mind is built to give you...a sense of peace well being and safety.

The only fear we are born with is fear of falling and loud noises.

Fear tells us to take action. It alarms our autonomic nervous system to get us to safety during a perceived or imagined threat.

The nervous system learns to fear certain situations in order to protect you from re-experiencing it in the future.

Events that are traumatic, an example would be getting bit by an animal, can set up this response at the subconscious level of the mind.

Another learned form of fear relates to experiences that happen over and over, such as the embarrassment in class when we get in trouble for talking excessively. These are creating pathways in your mind that may be triggered over and over again.

The structure of most public / private school settings have built in and taught you to not to voice your opinions or emotions unless you raise your hand or are spoken to first.

To add complexity to these situations we are also conditioned to be logical and unemotional when we are allowed to voice our ideas in class.

Therefore is it only normal that we would fear opening up and allowing our emotional selves be seen by many in public.

We may know on a conscious level that it is okay to let it all go in a performance.

Yet subconsciously our autonomic nervous system kicks in with defenses to keep us safe from a perceived threat.

So the end result when you get out there is dread, or paralysis (can't think, go blank).
Here Stage-Fright-Hypnosis helps you to overcome it:

Relaxation is an important aspects of training.

This allows you more freedom to take risks and try new ways in your art, which leads to more individual expression.

As well as a more authentic performance.

Which typically equates with stage presence: That indescribable, unlearned, natural, magnet- that keeps audiences engaged.

Relaxation induces poise and will also help you learn quicker.

It also enhances focus during lessons in order to get the most from your training time.

The Brainwave technology will begin to actually cure your anxiety by guiding you into a state that is scientifically proven to release anxiety producing hormones.

That state that is known when in rehearsal is one example of this.

Rehearsals are a safe and magical world for performers.

They can be in their developed gifts without the vulnerability of an audience.

Stage-fright-hypnosis mimics this, so you will learn how to be in control of your body and your mind during auditions while in a state similar to productive rehearsals. Would you like to be taken on a personalized journey that will enable you to let go of blocks and hold backs?

Would you like to rework them in order to get rapid results: to perform your best while under stress, and so it in a sleep like state?

By using stage-fright-hypnosis you can get to the autonomic nervous system and program yourself to feel safe and in control, yet open and spontaneous.

Stage-fright-hypnosis works for making long term changes that are lasting. Some say they feel results after listening the first time.

Your goal really just depends on you and your particular situation.

Stage parents please kindly note my honest expression: You cannot hypnotize children who just flat out do not WANT to be performers.

It will not work unless THEY are motivated and WANT to be performers.

If they are scared, yet still want to be performers stage-fright-hypnosis can absolutely help. They will be amazed at how it will enhance there learning in all areas.

As the stage parent of a musician I understand that the lines can get confusing sometimes, it's up to each parent to decide what you know is best for your child.

More times then not, the worst case scenario is that after all of your time and expense your child just may need more time before jumping into a situation.....some times a break or a winter period is just all that is necessary in order to let the seeds within them sprout.

So it is best to offer a solution that can be listened to on their own terms. This goes a long way in giving them confidence because it puts them more in control.

A great man once said .....Be the change you wish to see in the world ..... There is great hope in this statement and as parents we get to do this fully knowing that as we do our kiddies will naturally learn that too! We have the power to do that while they are watching and learning from us.

So the number one thing you can do for them is train your mind and they will follow in there own way and in your own time! :)

We can increase there ability to TRUST more as we let go and trust in there process of great things in life unfolding for them by just noticing the way it does, that is unique to them. I call that the cheese cake cool whip and cherry of parenting!

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