Hypnosis For Social Phobia

Are you one of those totally awesome people who others find are a great listener?

But yet, the truth is you kinda feel like somehow you missing out on some of the fun when your in a big group of people because you just can't seem to break past your discomfort and just be your self from the get go ?

One thing that comes to mind is how it must feel to know that you like being around others yet somehow once your in the situation, you never manage to completely feel the freedom to let your great sense of humor and normal social graces come through in certain situations?

Does social phobia got you feeling frustrated?

Do you find that you are avoiding social situations because are too scared to talk?

Would you sometimes rather skip the fun then join in activities and feel like your missing out because of your fears of social situations?

Does it sometimes leave you feeling alone and disconnected?

Then this session was designed for you. Within you is greatness and deep in your mind you know that... you know how to bring out the best in others too Hypnosis and brain wave entrainment helps connect you, with that part of your self. and keeps you hooked into being your very best you consistently.

When you think about the traditional ways social phobia was handled before downloads were offered on the internet, not too many people with a fear of people were able or willing to go get help by opening up to someone.... Makes sense right?

I want you to imagine feeling a safety and security that will help you get the best feeling of hope and safety working in your life TODAY. You deserve the joy of having fulfilling, lasting relationships with those around you.

The reason it's becoming so popular these days, is because it can be done in the privacy of your own home.

You will feel very safe and comfortable as you begin to get to the other side of you fears.

The positive results can be attributed to the ease of application.

Rarely do you find someone who has social phobia is afraid to go online and get the solution to their social phobia because you can do so without having to deal with any people :-).

I am sure you can relate to this.

I want you to imagine feeling a safety and security that will help you get the best feeling of hope and safety working in your life TODAY.

Imagine the joy of having fulfilling, lasting relationships with those around you.

You deserve to be free to be yourself.

Everybody is human, and you too deserve the ability to forgive your own mistakes and not feel so judged by yourself and everyone all the time.

You also deserve it in the comfort of your own home.

Take a moment to look at what social phobia is...

Phobias are a form of unrealistic fear.

"Fear is what happens when there is a danger present in our environment and we must take some action to protect ourselves in order to maintain our safety.

The dangers are real and the fear is real.

A phobia is when we are experiencing fear when there is NO danger present, yet we still have the symptoms of anxiety happening at the moment we are experiencing a phobic episode.

How does the brain distinguish between the two?

The brain is composed of many complex processes. Many books have been written to break it down as much as scientifically possible.

For the sake of your time, I will briefly mention some areas that are targeted with the

brain entrainment included in this session.

The amygdala is a small, almond-shaped organ in the brain that plays a role in processing memory and emotional reactions.

This organ is known to send impulses which regulates hormones that increase our ability to react to fear.

At different times, the brain wave currents flow at various speeds during different states.

Naturally, when several stresses are present, the brain bumps up the speed of these waves in order for the body to process quicker, giving us a heightened ability to react. What we have researched and designed is a program of brain entrainment that actually stimulates the brain waves while you are listening to the session via sound waves. The technology is so precise that we can utilize it for many different applications to help you feel anxiety reduction and deep relaxation with the click of a button.

Many studies have been done to perfect this form of engineering and its results are very effective in the treatment of anxiety and social phobias.

What this means is that more times then not, there is an ability for the brain to get regulated without the need for medication and its side effects.

By continual listening, your brain gets a "tune up", which puts you on your way to having more balance and feelings of normal safety and security without dulling your responses to true dangers.

You want an ability to get relaxed right now.

The relaxation in the suggestions are going to put you in an immediate state of peace and calm.

This social phobia session is lively and comfortable, you will see long lasting results.

Imagine a pill that never goes away. The bottle is never empty awaiting a refill.

This puts YOU in control. You already have this deep within you Hypnosis connects you to your natural ability to allow yourself to move out of a distressing state into a comfortable, peaceful, and realistic state. By making lots and lots of pathways in your mind of having done this over and over and over by repetition while in the session.

Experience more freedom, happiness, safety and self-confidence.

This social phobia hypnosis session identifies false perceptions you may have and allows you to rework them on a subconscious level. this is called being in the moment rather stuck on some past perception of oncoming dangers.

Think about when some one tells you "Oh, you don't have to be worried about what they are going to think...just go out there and talk to them."

This helpful person is doing their best to give you rational advice, yet, they may be unaware that it is not registering on your subconscious mind, the part of you that regulates your response systems.

This is the part of you that tells your heart to pump, your food to digest, your body to sleep and so on, all without any rational thought.

If rational thinking alone could correct your bodily responses to your irrational fears you could have kicked your social phobia as soon as it started.

You will begin to bypass the critical, rational, thinking mind and get to the root of negative emotional memories.

While in a totally relaxed, hypnotic state> So you can see situations in the moment from now on. Without the body over-reacting with the physiological responses you normally have during full, waking consciousness.

It allows your subconscious mind to see the fears for what they are, an attempt to keep you safe from danger... perhaps one that existed long ago and is no longer a threat.

Since you have gotten through it, the worst is over, so why should it still be getting power over you today?

Because your subconscious is still running that program.

By letting go of it in the hypnotic state this frees you up to decide on the subconscious level to let go of the unnecessary fear, in a gentle, comforting format that your rational mind begins to trust.

In essence, this stops the subconscious mind from sending unnecessary messages to your regulatory system.

The more you listen, the more you grow your brain's ability to self-regulate at optimal well being. Freeing you up from your social phobia, to put your energy into projects that you enjoy.

DON'T Decide Now:Try this session for 6 weeks and if your not finding that you are beginning to feel more at ease in social situations, just let me know and I will give you a 100% refund no questions no hassles, no regrets. No Regrets-Something I choose to keep to a minimum in my life -regrets- I had to get past my own stage fright in order to put this stuff out here for you and today I am so glad I did, every time I here someone says or writes in "....THANKS More .... I can't believe how far I have come and your voice is sooo soothing...."

(honestly to this day it still freaks me out ...in a totally awesome way! :) )

So I have put my best out here for you and know how well it works so I'm the one taking the risk here.... Fair enough?

So you can MAKE a great day!

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