SightSound Machines

What are sight sound machines for?

Imagine being able to control your brain wave activity with the touch of a button!

I like to explain it using this know the sound wave toothbrushes at the dentists office? Those are sound wave tooth brushes.

It uses the same type of vibrational waves as the jewelry cleaners.

Maybe you have seen them. I first saw one in the early eighties, when I was at a jewelry store.

They drop your ring into a fish tank of water and then they run sound waves through it. It removes any tarnish on the jewelery. Then they give you back your shiny ring in tip top shape just like new all over again.

Well those sound waves are moving physical matter.

Guess what they have figured out now?

How to stimulate your brainwaves and get them in tip top shape as well! Just like your teeth and your jewelry by designing sight sound machines.

Traditionally, the only way to alter your brain wave activity was through meditation, yoga, etc.

So, there was a fair amount of effort involved.

With a sight sound machine, you are able to reach different states of consciousness just by selecting a "program" on the machine.

Why do you want to do this?

Hypnosis is all about reaching the subconscious mind and interacting with it, while programming it to go along with whatever you are trying to change. Whenever you get it behave with your conscious thoughts, usually what is holding you back, is held in the subconscious mind.

So, normally, to achieve this by yourself would require a significant amount of time practicing relaxation techniques, meditation, etc.

But, now you can use a sight-sound machine technology and your brain is "led" to the subconscious mind or whatever brainwave state you are trying to get to.

Here's how it works...

There are three parts to the technology.

A pair of sunglasses, headphones, and you computer.

The glasses have LED lights on the inside of them that flash in sync with your brain wave activity.

The headphones give "beeps" in sync with the light flashes.

The program generates everything and provides controls for the loudness of the headphones and the brightness of the light flashes.

The first machine I was introduced to was a hand held product that I used in private one on one sessions.

I still have that trusty machine, for a hypnotherapist, its like a that first musical instrument. I admit, I am geeky like that!

I have upgraded to more advanced technologies along the way but that first one I ever used is still getting lots of use when I am away from home traveling. It has a program to combat jet lag that I love.

It has built-in "programs" that allow the brain to resonate at different frequencies.

This technology is so advanced now that the brain can be led into states where there is a natural result of the release of certain hormones.

This means we are able to literally forgo medication and its negative side effects with the click of a button with a lot of disorders. Insomniacs love it. ADD student love it.

I love it, you probably will too.

What happens is that it starts off at your current state and then "leads" your brain to different states of consciousness by speeding up or slowing down the beeps and flashes, which generates different brain wave activity.

Click here to learn more about the different brain wave states.

I use this technology with many of the sessions that are presented here on the sight.

That way I am assured that you will always get to the trance state.

In addition, the brainwave technology is specifically targeted for the brains needs in wide variety of disorders such as insomnia, depression.

My favorite is the HGH release for anti-aging. With the click of a button, I just listen to it while I am at my computer.

Join me and get your geek on with continued listening to your sight sound machines and MAKE yourself a great new day.

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