Repetition Strengthens Confirms 

Why Words matter and how there repetition strengthens and confirms habits.

You can begin to use words that with repetition strengthens confirms our actions, that lead to the results you are seeking in yourself and  in your children. So lets take this a step further...

Every day we are seeing, hearing, and even learning new habits and even sometimes new thoughts.

However, we also tend to stay in the same city, around the same friends and family, so most of those thoughts are repeated on a daily basis.

And, as we know, "Repetition Strengthens and Confirms".

That is to say, it is kind of simple and kind of complicated!

The structuring of suggestions can be complicated once you consider the in and outs of what you are attempting to achieve when ever you go into a session in order to reprogram your mind successfully.

You have a mind that has had many experiences and memories. 

The basic idea is rather simple.

Let me elaborate a little.... Early on, we develop certain habits.

Our habits come from a combination of those repeated thoughts, and our emotional ties to them. Our emotional ties are where we find the motivation that reinforce certain habits.

That is why we start smoking or start gaining weight in the first place.

Habits that with repetition strengthens confirms the belief in the  positive effects we gain from doing them over and over. 

Are we predisposed to habits by our genetics or are habits strictly environmentally influenced?

Our genetics play a role in all this as well, typically we see that those who have DNA patterns that have tendencies to grow adipose tissue are further susceptible to obesity when the environmental (learned actions of parents and caregivers) factors accentuate this.

Yet with the power of the mind, that we can hypnotize and reprogram those genetic predispositions with our thoughts that lead us into emotional states that feed our habits and new actions…

Repetition strengthens and confirms  your power of the mind and these are the keys you can use to unlock success.

It's really about changing our interpretation of the thoughts on that unconscious level that makes us do these things when we are not putting all of our conscious thought into any thing we attempt to do in our busy lives.

When done in the highly focused state of trance, your mind absorbs new ideas and suggestions that you will find over time are automatically act upon.

What I have found, is that your Inner Wisdom is a place of infinite wealth and most of us have all the answers we need for happiness within us.

You can use some of these techniques to monitor yourself and attempt to steer clear of doing unnecessary planting of negative seeds. It can be effective if used in conjunction with a professional intervention.

Use this information to develop a broader awareness of enhanced positive communication skills and how you can begin to use repetition to strengthen and confirm the results your really desire.

How do I know this repetition strengthens confirms with words works?

Good question...Unlike when I began in this field, there was a lot of controversy about weather or not this was hocus-pocus.

Due to the many benefits of hypnosis, many universities have funded lots of research, and studies clearly suggest the use of hypnosis is now legitimate, when done correctly.

Theories are ideas, Facts are ideas that are backed by scientific research and testing and that give validity to theories.

Your best bet is to always seek a practitioner who has advanced degrees in counseling psychotherapy or some form of the educational fields, from legitimate universities in addition to their hypnotherapy training credentials.

Why is it important to learn how to hypnotize myself or others effectively?

We create our external reality by our thoughts. So as long as you are using these concepts to strengthen and confirm bad habits go ahead and pick up some tips on how to use repetition to strengthen and confrim the habits taht get you to the place you want to be.

This scientific evidence is new and many are excited about how to put it to use in their everyday lives.

The ideas themselves are not new, it's just that now the ideas are no longer just IDEAS.

Maybe you have heard about the Law of Attraction, or the Power of Now movement that has recently hit the media.

Books such as The New Earth relate concepts of hypnosis. They are great reads and they are all about various forms of hypnosis, and using the power of the mind to access habits by your ability to use repetition to strengthen and confirm.

Here's why I believe repetition strengthens confirms really matters to everyone every where:

I recall hearing the words "THE ETERNAL NOW" in a self help group about 24 years ago. It is a concept so simple yet so powerful.

By adding the peace and tranquility you get with repetition, this strengthens and confirms it's effects globally.

Well within the context of trance, it refers to how easily we can manipulate our reality using each moment to out best advantage through the practise of repetition strengthen and confirm.

When we put it into application, there is no wonder the results are so spontaneous and amazing.

The eternal now, is a moment that can change the course of your life at any point.  Once you are clearly experiencing life as it happens, and you are completely in the current moment you allow repetition to strengthen confirm peace..... 

I am sure you have had one of those brief moments when you are not consciously focusing on thinking about a particular event that you are hoping to happen, or replaying another moment that has already happened in your mind.

I like to think of it as those times when I am not busy worrying about how to make life fit into my limited edition of 'life as we know it'.

The eternal now is when you are completely aware of this moment and all it IS at any given moment in time.

The eternal moment allows us to make an impact on our external circumstances one person at a time, while also being a part of a greater something... (at this point in the history of human evolution).

Simply because it offers us the truth, and the more we are in congruence with the truth, the more we have the ability to truly harness our power to grow in integrity (the ability to be honest with ourselves). Something that always leads us towards our awareness of our most significant needs at any given moment.

By noticing our needs rather then our wants, we find more and more solutions gravitating to us to fulfill our needs. No doubt fulfilling our wants is a great thing too... yet if we fall prey to substitution true satisfaction with gratification of wants our needs run the risk of not getting met.

So by using the eternal moment to feel and broaden our awareness we are better able to find true lasting happiness. That's the simple use of personal power in action.

This concept was a revelation to me then and remains a concept that I continue to meditate on, and I continue to apply the concepts in various ways my life 20 years later.

So, back to hypnosis..... and its power for you touse repetition to strengthen and confirm the habits with ease using your ability to go within.  That is what you are here for, right?

The Power of Now relates to hypnosis because it is the essence of what happens during a hypnosis session.

Hypnosis for personal change is a state of complete focus and usually deep relaxation.

While in this state we have a door way between to the automatic (key word here is: Auto) or as science and the medical community identifies it: the Autonomic Nervous System.

This is where you do things that you are unaware of every day such as regulate breathing, and digestion etc..

You can input programs into the subconscious mind and it will except statements. Then your subconscious mind directs you as it begins to have you automatically act on them according to its own economy and logic.

All those repeated thoughts we talked about earlier take years and years to create your personality, your habits, problem solving skills, etc.

Working with the subconscious mind in hypnosis facilitates direct access to where all those repetitive thoughts are stored and acted upon.

Trance state also by passes the pesky critical mind, that may be steering us with the awareness of fear and doubt, in a direction where we may not want to wind up.

To achieve an effective response from the mind, we use positive action words, that are associated with positive emotions and use time line awareness to directly impact the reality we are creating in this moment and future moments as well.

Here's one way we tackle the limiting aspects critical mind:

Deep relaxation and positive suggestions combined with the technology of brain entrainment also called programming because the sight sound technology creates new pathways that strengthen over repeated use.

This is also why putting the suggestion into the subconscious mind in a carefully planned out manner can make or break the effectiveness of the suggestion.

Hows that?

Well designed suggestions should always consider the emotional impact on the subject, because this relates to your MOTIVATION. 

It is best to have a suggestion go in while there is no fear or doubt. 

That way you have a clean slate, or a nice fresh pot of potting soil, free of any weed seeds, in order for the suggestions to take root and sprout to full blossom.

When you combine relaxation with powerful metaphors, that are poetic, you engage the mind, allowing you to create the positive outcomes you desire with repetition that strengthens confirms.

This way we are not limited by fear, doubt, frustration and the whole gamut of existing negative emotions that block us from moving forward.

We go into the subconscious mind and insert building blocks that the mind loves to act upon.

Here is an example: Consider the word " quit ".repetition strengthens confirms

Now, think about the word " start ".repetition strengthens confirms

Think about the emotions associated with the two words.

The word "quit" is a word that means to not act; The other "start" sounds positive and gives an action to perform.

The word "quit" directs the mind to undo something. It does not suggest a creative action to be taken.

Additionally, it may make us feel like we are losing something and this has the potential to promote fear and doubt.

The word "start" suggests that a positive creative action be performed. This feels like we are gaining something and provides emotional stability rather then the confusion and resistance associated with the aforementioned word "quit".

The added benefits of properly placed suggestions, done in a well thought out manner with trance repetition, strengthen and confirms.

This is the easiest delivery of repetition strengthen and confirms my habits now.


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