Quit Smoking Hypnosis: Gentle Relaxing Smoking Cessation

There is a myth that smokers are stupid. They aren’t. They know quite well how to get themselves into a contented and comfortable state: by smoking!  

But imagine losing the costs cigarettes without losing the state of relaxation, and comfort -- then easing yourself through a very mild withdrawal -- simply by training your mind with the aid of hypnosis.

The Art of Recreating Comfort

What if you could rewire those little emotional buttons that trigger your craving to smoke so they will direct you to a place where you will feel that comfort naturally?  

You can quit smoking with “Be Smoke Free.” By using direct suggestions, metaphorical suggestions and a process called brain entrainment, you can prime your subconscious mind to create that feeling of calm and comfort naturally...minus the cigarettes.

What makes me so sure? I used a quit smoking hypnosis program to kick the habit myself. As a smoker, I always heard, “If smokers just knew the facts, they wouldn't smoke.” Wrong! The facts are right there on the side of the pack in language that made me feel so guilty, it would often make me retreat to the “comfort” of a cigarette!

That is, until I tried stop smoking hypnosis.  

You might be wondering: how long will it take to kick the habit through hypnosis?  

Well…how about immediately!? It’s true.

While the quit smoking sessions are most effective with repeat uses, you will become smoke free after listening to this set of sessions the very first time.  And there’s no after-the-sale “catch” to it.

If you find you need some reinforcement, you will OWN the sessions to use repeatedly as needed. Along with the stop smoking hypnosis sessions, you will get instructions for where and when to best use them, plus some simple tips to make the withdrawal process a non-event.  

Yes, you can win against this adversary!

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Why we smoke and smoke and smoke...  

Here’s why smoking can be so hard to quit for even the toughest-minded individuals:  

Our feelings, not rational thought, trigger our impulses -- the very hot buttons that send us in search of the comfort of a cigarette. That’s why those “facts on the pack” don’t really register.   

The worst part is our emotions often put us at war with ourselves. One part of our mind wants us to be healthy and healing. Another wants us to have our psychological needs met, including our basic cravings for comfort and happiness.

The smoking habit can drive a wedge between these two, forcing us to “choose” one or the other. In the meantime, all our subconscious mind is hearing is, "smoking, smoking -- you must have a smoke," because it cannot perceive the consequences of doing so. Like a child, it just “wants.”  

What’s worse, the temporary satisfaction we get when we light up enables us to ignore the part of our brain that wants us to stop hurting ourselves. And when we do try to face smoking facts and quit the withdrawal makes us so uncomfortable, we often end up smoking again to re-create that comfort.

So the cycle continues. As it does, we continue to ignore that rational “get-healthy” voice in us.

By using hypnosis enhanced with brainwave technology, we are reprogramming the subconscious mind to marry the “healthy” with the “happy.” This creates an interaction that satisfies the needs of both parts.

The session will also use post-hypnotic suggestions that will allow you to create comfort naturally while going about your daily routine.

The quit smoking hypnosis sessions allow you to positively leverage those emotions that lead to smoking -- and to train your subconscious mind to re-create the same feelings of peace and comfort you got from smoking in the process. Not only will your mind grasp this notion, it will think, "Wow, this is something I truly want for myself!"

From listening to this session over time, your subconscious mind learns how to create this “happy and healthy” hybrid on its own. This is achieved using a hypnosis enhancer called brain entrainment for quit smoking hypnosis. 

a process that effectively synchronizes the two hemispheres of your brain.

The Details

There are a total of four quit-smoking hypnosis sessions in the “Be Smoke Free” hypnosis program.

1.Quit Smoking Initial Session: Illustrates the motivations that keep you smoking and those that make you want to quit smoking, and works through the reasons that have held you back from quitting -- until now. 

2. Quit Smoking Hypnosis Release Session: Allows you to grieve the loss of your old habit and work through the emotional aspects of quitting.

3. Quit Smoking Hypnosis Follow-Up Session: Is designed to reinforce your new habit until it becomes natural to you.

4. Quit Smoking Hypnosis “Break” Session: Listen to this on your lunch break or wherever and whenever you would normally smoke. This short ten-minute session allows you to create the sense of comfort you would normally get from smoking. 

Instructions include the “whens” and “wheres” to best use the quit-smoking hypnosis sessions, plus some simple mental tricks to help make your withdrawal as painless and uneventful as possible.  

             Say YES, I deserve to take my power back NOW.

I know you just keep Maken it a GREAT day- because you know the awesome part of you is like that! :)