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Is painters hypnosis a easy fun solution for me? 

Do you lack the motivation to actually paint any of the numerous patterns/packets that you have purchased?

Do your partially completed projects run a close second to the number of 'must have' unused paint bottles in your collection?

Are your specialty paintbrushes and other supplies sitting idle while you spend hours browsing magazines and internet sites admiring the work of other painters?

While it is certainly educational and inspirational to admire and appreciate the work of "big brushes" and other painters, the flow of your creativity is blocked if you are not actually using your own palette and brushes.

You know that "there's room for us ALL at the dance" and I will consider it a privilege to facilitate the renewal of the flow of your artistic creativity.

Whether you desire to paint for personal fulfillment or for profit - unless you are actually painting, these goals will remain unattainable.

This session gets you right into action leaving behind all the negative voices in your mind about why you are in a lull.

This journey into your creativity is exciting and fun and the reasons why you are not painting are easy to move through in hypnosis. Each person is unique in their reasons for experiencing artistic hold backs.

How you may ask?

Well it is different for everyone. Even from sesion to session you may realize that it varies for you.

The ART of a good hypnosis session lies in the therapist's ability to bring up simple queries that assist you in asking yourself questions that will help you to discover your own answers in a particular moment - this will give you the answers "within".

Your unique reasons for being blocked are floating around in your mind and have produced the negative results you have experienced.

During your painter hypnosis session, you will discover the thoughts and emotions that are stopping you, without your rational mind distracting you with emotional and logic overload. Once you are clear on what thoughts and feelings that are stopping you, there is just no stopping you anymore. You can simply choose to let them go or change them into positive action statements.

You are thus free to automatically take action by discarding self-defeating rationalizations.

By taking time to listen to the session in the comfort of your own home, the session guides you to your personal answers. In this way you can choose to change them at the subconscious level and get the results you are seeking on the everyday waking state while you are at your painting table.

The session will bring you into contact with the part of you that feels so fulfilled by being in the moment of joy as you paint and complete projects.

"If you are a novice or more experienced painter, the key to moving forward lies within you."

That is a great statement. It has been said many times by many painting teachers...and those who have had an ability to succeed.

The problem here is how to get to that place "within you ".

Painters Hypnosis does exactly that in a safe, gentle, easy format.

There are no self help books or seminars you must go through or attend, in order for you to begin to experience creative bliss TODAY.

By all means, I love the approach of books such as "The Artists Way" for achieving wonderful results.

I have even had some awakened creative painters who after doing this type of intense personal inner work request my painters hypnosis sessions to jump start there creativity due to the simple easy format I have designed.

It will be my great pleasure to assist you in your journey.

Please keep in touch to let me know of your experiences and successes as you move forward - the success of my clients enriches my journey along my chosen professional path.

Make a Great Day with freedom and your painters hypnosis session now by clicking below. 

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