Smash these Eight and a Half Myths about Hypnosis

1. The hypnotist will have control over me.  If this, of all the myths about hypnosis were true, no hypnosis studies would boast such incredibly success rates of 80% effectiveness in quit smoking programs. Compared to many other methods, which come in at the recklessly low effective rates, and disturbing side effects such as this popular one: 

By Randy Doting HealthDay Reporter  Siegel    called   the study  "solid," and  conceded that "Chantix is probably the most effective of the [U.S. Food and Drug Administration]-approved medications  currently available for smoking cessation." But the medication has been linked to suicidal thoughts and behavior -- a significant issue,   Siegel said.  The current study excluded people with mental illnesses, such as major depression or anxiety, and    anyone with a recent history of suicidal thoughts or behavior. People with recent heart disease were also excluded because  of concerns about Chantix's risk to heart patients. Smokers shouldn't consider Chantix's a silver bullet, Siegel stressed."Chantix, Zyban and various forms of nicotine replacement therapy  have been  viewed  as being effective for smoking cessation," he said. "However, the public needs to realize that  these medications only work about 10 to 15 percent of the time.  The study appears in the  Feb. 17 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.   More information   For  more about  quitting smoking, see the American Cancer Society. SOURCES: Michael Siegel, M.D., M.P.H., professor,    Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, Mass.; Jon Ebbert, M.D., professor of medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.; John Spangler, M.D., professor, Family and Community Medicine,  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, N.C.; Feb. 17, 2015

If a hypnotist could 'gain total control' of those smokers, rather then boasting an impressive 80% success rate with hypnosis -although it is astounding the medical community- it would actually be 100%.  

This often relates to the false idea that vampires have magic powers because they hypnotize there victims. This  common stereotype is leading the list of all the myths about hypnosis which hypnotherapists have been working very hard to eliminate. We educate the public about the exact uses and benefits of using hypnosis for personal change.

2. The hypnotist will make me bark like a dog when I answer my front door on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Well that all depends on your motivation.. as in.... If you want to be able to do this because it pleases you and brings you some type of reward there is a good chance a hypnotist could accomplish the task of assisting you in reacting in this way.

However if this type of behavior is going to cause you harm...such as embarrassment, you are not going to be at all motivated to follow through with the suggestions given so that negates this type of myth.

3. I can't be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a natural normal state of consciousness. You pass through this state each time you experience a normal sleep cycle. During this time you are open to receiving suggestions. You also fall into the suggestive state anytime you are snuggling up to a good book.  You fall into a hypnotic trance at times when you are doing your daily commute to work.  Hypnosis by definition is a state of focus where the mind is open to suggestion.

A Clinical Hypnotherapist is fully trained in how to work with any resistance you may have about letting yourself get into a trace state, barring those with sleep disorders. A prevailing false assumption of these myths about hypnosis, you will be happy to know that there is a correlation between intelligence and hypnotizability.  

The higher the IQ scores the better the imagination, therefore the more hypnotizable an individual is.  This is why hypnosis works so well with those who have bouts of insomnia because it uses the active imagination to assist with the process of winding the mind down.  Honestly, this offender on the list, many intelligent readers know why it is important to  guard our minds, and hold on the the inspirational moments of thinking for our selves, and adding to humanity, by the use of the imagination where good new ideas arise which coincidentally, many a well designed hypnosis  session actually enhances!

4. What if I get stuck in hypnosis?    Hugh myths about hypnosis squash right here. You can never get stuck.  On the chance that you may be sleep deprived at any given time when you do a session, the only thing that will happen is that you will drift off to a normal sleep state. You will wake when your are either prompted by an alarm or your are done sleeping, just like your body always does.

5. I will not have any memory of my hypnotic experience. A few things will have an impact on whether or not this silly idea or 5th of the myths about hypnosis mentioned here will occur. Depending upon how much sleep you have had, and weather or not you have been given suggestions to remember the experience will determine weather or not you may remember every detail of a session. If you drift into a deeper state of sleep you will not have a conscious awareness of what suggestions you were given during a session.

I always recommend that you listen to a session while fully rested and you bust this silly of the myths about hypnosis your self, and here is how;  do some light cleaning at least once while listening while fully awake so you can hear the words being spoken and you make a choice to stay busy folding laundry and or sweeping and moving around and choose not follow the suggestions to close your eyes and relax in order to hear exactly every detail of the session. This also helps you cary out prompts during the full waking state .....such as these action seeds being planted in the reduce test anxiety session:

"...when you sit down to begin to take the test you take a deep breath and bring your forefinger and thumb together and close your eyes and say your key words BE HERE NOW ...this allows your mind to feel the same sense and peace and relaxation you feel in this moment. You send this wave of relaxation throughout your entire body while sitting in the chair at the testing site. Your focus is complete. Say to yourself I am totally relaxed, confident, and in control of answering all questions correctly according to the given knowledge that I acquired during my study time......"

6. I need to stare at a stop watch to get into a hypnotic trance. This is just one example an induction technique that helps the subject to focus on something, in order to let the conscious mind wind down and relax. Remember just reading a good book will put you into a hypnotic state where you are open to suggestions. So of the eight myths about hypnosis this is an often misunderstood concept and now you understand that although you can use this method , it is not necessary. 

Staring at flowers is a recommended good induction as well! 

7. I have been in the military and am very strong minded and so I can't be hypnotized. This myth about hypnosis could not be further from the truth. The idea that our government doesn't know anything about using hypnosis, the easiest quickest way to teach individuals to learn new behaviors, is a gross assumption, and that they would not use these techniques to insure military safety would also be remiss. Most military personnel are the easiest people to hypnotize because they have been hypnotized so much during training to perform as a unit. The drill sergeant uses what is known as the Shock Induction. It gets attention and allows the learner to focus very quickly and efficiently.

8. That the television is not a hypnosis box. This is clearly one of the many universal myths about hypnosis, as the people in charge of 'programming' have alerted the viewers by simply stating is a program. The myth that television and news stations would never use hypnosis to motivate viewers to think in certain ways is in fact so obvious that it a wonder that the myth still exists. They can thank some highly trained hypnotist for the fortune they have been afforded, due to its powerful implications with reaching masses of individuals on a daily basis.  

Hypnosis gives them the power to suggest individuals  retain a number of different mindsets, that have the potential to guide buying decisions.  This is why advertising a commercial during known high traffic events cost millions and billions of dollars each year, because ummm...hypnosis works! I just have to smash this of the top pet peeve of all the  myths about to hypnosis because it causes a lot of damage to entire cultural mindsets of individuals who are glued to the television daily all around the world. 

8 1/2. It's a snap to make changes as soon as you have been hypnotized once.   This prevailing of these eight myths about hypnosis is dangerous because if implies hypnosis is like a magic pill that makes you act in certain ways.

I won't argue  with those individuals who say they have found freedom from various limiting beliefs in one session, as that is certainly an everyday ongoing reality for many of those who are using the benefits of hypnotherapy... to make dynamic changes that are lasting and permanent, therefore is a half-truth,  not a flat out total untruth to be revealed on this list of myths about hypnosis.  But please lets keep in mind most of us do need continual reinforcement,  that is why listening to your session consistently is so stressed by every hypnotist in town.

Hypnosis for change is very effective when you continually water and feed the seeds planted into your subconscious mind during sessions. As your new thoughts become acted upon in full waking consciousness they become beliefs and these new beliefs eventually become a part of your decision making process which help you to revert to habitual behavior patterns and thus will eventually become a normal part of your personality.

It is important to understand that you are changing ingrained ways of being with in your mind when you use hypnosis. It is a process where you allow your mind to mind get into a grove with behaviors such as relaxing during stressful moments in order to allow new freedom from the paralysis of fear when reacting to situations, it may take a while for the new grove to become automatic. An illustration of this is a wheel barrel in the path way towards the garden, once that front wheel is in the ingrained pathway it is easier for that wheel to stay on that pathway.

A good Hypnosis session is liken to the jolt it would take to get the wheel out of that ingrained pathway. Once that wheel is off that pathway, it must go over the same pathway a number of times, before the wheel runs easier in a new direction. So by listening over and over you are creating that pathway. Over time it becomes a normal part of your mind. My hope is that you have changed your mind about some of the myths about hypnosis you came here seeking information to better understand the power of your mind. 

Thank you for stopping by to find out the true skinny on this hypnotists list of myths about hypnosis. If you like what you have read please support this site and share this page, and I request you please sign up here for your free hypnosis session.  You will receive my  Happiness and Bliss newsletter,  where you will find interesting updates and information about the world of hypnosis and mind training. Please share on your social networks to pay it forward to interested friends to help bust these myths about hypnosis.

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