My mothers simple 'Mind Over Matter' story of using the mind focused on spiritual center in Jesus to heal the body

Mind over matter is the act of getting through many of the beliefs that clutter up our minds.

Most people have heard about miracles of healing. I know that they do in fact occur.

Is mind over matter really just as simple as that?

Yes, in most cases it is.

Whether we can actually put this principle into practice depends on many factors.

I call the first factor the Stability Feature.

Mind over matter in some cases has been a direct result of the Stability Feature.

When a person accepts and expects aspects of an issue to be true then their beliefs about that particular issue are fixed and based upon what they believe to be true.

In other words, once a concept or notion is accepted as real, it must be reinforced. The stability of the ‘mind over matter’ paradigm is by its very nature prone to many non-stable attributes as well. An example of such a non-stable attribute would be variations of feeling and thought.

Also to be considered are skeptical reactions resulting from the persons perceptions of their current reality. Fear and doubt play a part in many aspects of skepticism.

When certain conditions of stress relief are met, the mind is able to in fact do more, see more and create more.

The dynamics of change press forward as each individual’s consciousness grows during applications of the mind’s power.

How does this relate to healing with mind power?

Last night I overheard a conversation between two co-workers. One of my co-workers said that she had taken a loved one to an evangelist at her church to have a medical condition healed.

Two things ran through my mind....

1. How wonderful that she realized the truth about how powerful our minds are when we call on our spiritual essence of Jesus manifest in your consciousness and that she had taken an action to be in control of the situation with a mind over matter philosophy.

2. How unfortunate that this person believed so strongly that they need someone else to do this for them.

Their belief that the evangelist had a rare ‘Special’ God-given ability to heal others began to sadden me.

(Then I did this thing that I have taught myself and now sometimes do spontaneously. sue to my growing on going walk in following Jesus.)

I directed my mind into the non-judgmental state of TRYING to be open-minded and the thought that followed was that perhaps an outsider was indeed necessary in some situations.

I tried to remain nonjudgmental and considered other aspects of the situation.

One good aspect was that seeking healing through others brings people together.

I considered that this person had never been taught that they have the capacity to heal themselves.

I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if anyone who so desired could relate personally, one on one, with their Creator and enjoy a conscious contact with the creative power within themselves as the Holy Spirit moves to heal them?  This would surely make it easier to maintain health and well being.

It could motivate people to take steps to prevent the need for another to intervene on their behalf before health problems accelerate into disease.

Additionally wouldn't people want to experience, one on one, that creative power themselves?

Isn't that what a belief in miracle healing instills in people?

I remembered when I broke my collar bone at age 11. According to my mom’s thinking at that time, it was necessary to immediately take me to an emergency room, consult a doctor and then allow the healing process to proceed over time. And so that is exactly what was done.

I surely did not instantly heal my broken collar bone; healing happened according to the medically prescribed time period of  months.

Here is my life changing ‘mind over matter’ story:

I am one of many people who have witnessed natural healing through the minds connection to Jesus Christ. The first time I saw this type healing was in my own family several years after my collar bone injury. I was about 15 when I witnessed my mom heal a fractured elbow which had been immobilized in a sling by a physician.

On the way home from her doctor’s office, my mom stopped at an auto parts store to buy an item for her car. The salesman at the counter sympathetically asked her about the obvious injury to her arm. When she told him what had happened, the man expressed empathy and told her that he had suffered an identical injury 15 years prior and unfortunately as his doctor had told him he had never regained full mobility.

He displayed his injured left arm which now looked deformed and bent into an unnatural position very similar to the position of her arm in the sling.

She said at that moment she panicked! An alarm went off in her head with the words NO!!! CANCEL CANCEL!!! She quickly purchased her items and  went home.

Upon reaching home, she eased into a bathtub of hot water, became totally relaxed focused her mind on the Light of Jesus and then began moving her arm little by little until she had some mobility although it was painful. She continued to work on healing her elbow in this manner for several days since her next doctor’s appointment was scheduled for the following week.

At the follow-up appointment, the physician was very confused when he examined her elbow.

His eyes went from her healed arm to the x-ray taken at the time of the injury then back to her arm and back again to the original x-ray. He then took a new x-ray of her arm which revealed that the fracture had healed with absolutely no scar tissue!

She came home and told me how remarkable this was and was thrilled that she had not suffered permanent lack of mobility. She talked about how amazed the doctors were.

This validated to me on a personal level that it was in fact a ‘mind over matter’ miraculous healing. by her connection to Christ

One of the things that I attribute this healing to is that my mom had experienced a number of life events which lead up to her being able to tap into her natural creative healing ability.

When she was a single mother of three daughters in the late ‘70s, a friend had inspired her to begin reading spiritual materials about the power of the mind … books such as The Power of Positive Thinking and various others.

These inspirational works gave her the courage to relocate across the county to Texas all alone with us three kids. The move had an extremely positive impact on her life financially.

She went from struggling to make it on her sole income in Long Island, New York to the more reasonable financial demands of achieving the same standard of living in Texas.

The move afforded her more time and opportunities to continue to grow in new ways of thinking. It also led to new ways of acting to create the life that she wanted. I believe that many of the things she did were in alignment with her highest good. Due to these things she had grown greatly in her faith.

I believe these were aspects of a stability feature growing within her about the power of the mind that allowed her the ability to receive the gift of healing.

Her willingness to go out on a limb and get out of her comfort zone in so many ways may had given her the ability to open up to these types of miracles.

This foundation was a prerequisite for the ‘mind over matter’ type thinking she became open to at the time of her injury.

I have since then been presented with many stories of people who defy the natural laws (as we knew them back in the day) and who use the ‘mind over matter’ philosophy with great results.

Not all the stories were about people who were attempting to grow in new ways. Often people say these things just occurred and they don't understand them, and their is no stability feature present in their lives at the time.

However most of these report that as a result of having had such an experience, it opened their mind to other life changing experiences as time went on.

There is certainly a need for more research in this area.

The numbers of such stories have been increasing, and therefore collective consciousness theories are being validated by scientific research.

Many researchers have conducted studies indicating that such occurrences are becoming more mainstream in modern medicine.

The great news for you because it appears that, as more of these occurrences happen they seem to grow in numbers exponentially.

In other words, as each person begins the journey within to reach higher levels of peace and tranquility in their daily lives, more are touched by the divine nature of miracles and they occur more frequently.

Each moment spent going inside to a place of inner wisdom is a profitable practice when the time comes to have an ability to prevent disease and live a healthier life.

I invite you to spend some time today building your place of inner wisdom and peace by enjoying this news letter and I will send you a free session link when you sign up.

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