Mind over matter

The mind over matter, idea is a topic that has at times left me wondering if I am responsible for all that happens in life. EEEEEEK!

This idea about using your mind to have a positive impact on your health is great and should certainly be a consideration to all of us when we approach a discussion about using the power of our mind to create optimal conditions for wellness. If taken to an extreme it has been known to back fire.

So if we want to be more self-aware, in order to make use of what our minds can do for us, it makes sense to use precaution when implementing these ideas.

We do not want to concern ourselves with. worry about whether it's our fault that we did not heal our selves, if we let our minds go in this direction we are missing an important point.

To worry and cause your self-blame in those instances where you have access and utilize the medical help you need to heal, is unnecessary.

Feeling responsible for setting yourself up with a good mind set, while receiving the assistance of others, is the safest and most sensible way to approach these matters.

I like to think of it this way:

If I can use my mind to play the best hand possible with the cards I have been dealt then wonderful, let me do just that. However, kidding myself into thinking I made the cards, is putting way too much responsibility on myself. After all, we do know that as humans, we are evolving. In my current state of evolution I am not all that powerful so I would recommend we keep a balanced approach.

Avoiding medical care because we feel it is our obligation to self-heal just does not make good common sense. I would always recommend that we seek out medical advice and follow doctors instructions.

Part of our medical, spiritual community have made great achievements in healing through looking at possibilities. Therefor focusing on limits and the very act of worrying about whether or not we are " suppose" to heal ourselves undoes the very goal we are trying to accomplish.

Fearing that we didn't do it right, or are irresponsible because we did it in the way we did it, is engaging in a detrimental act of focus on limits.

We want to keep an open mind to what possibilities are in us and be thankful each time we do increase our ability to self-promote our natural capacity to heal.

Meanwhile letting our traditional ways intervene without reservation or blame. This seems like the best of both worlds.

This can be accomplished by noticing when we take our vitamins or do something as simple as, noticing that we put flip flops on in an effort to keep us from cutting on feet on the glass in the street.

This may sound simplistic, yet I hope it conveys the idea that we want to keep our common sense about us.

You don't want to all jump into fire because you heard about those fire-walkers, ya know... us 'weirdo' hypnotherapists, who participate in walking on fire barefoot with no burns seminars.

Keep in mind these people have been practicing these ideas for a while and they are usually surrounded by a community that increases the momentum of the belief that the fire walkers will succeed.

There is much we must continue to learn and keep open mind.

As the grown child of a mother who willed her own accelerated and complete healing, I find it amazing when others question this. It's as though it doesn't fit my way of seeing the world to be 'amazed' or wonder whether or not such things are actually true.

These days it is my natural inclination to lean more to the perspective of total belief in the mind over matter stories I have heard, only because according to my experience I never had to doubt that anything other then that be true.

The influence of my parent helped shape me an many positive ways. My mom kept it simple, She taught me a lot of good things with her walk in this world. I got to witness first hand the power of the mind through her continued perseverance in raising three kids completely on her own.

I am not sure if it was her simplicity or her desperation that added a peaceful aspect to the dynamic that had a profound impact on my beliefs about mind over matter.

I do know that she was reading power of the mind books. I later found out in hypnosis school that the whole truth was that while reading those power of the mind books, she was in a state of hypnosis.

In order to go beyond what we can currently perceive in full waking consciousness, we can enter the altered state of hypnosis. This may give us the ability to get past our critical mind with its limitations and see with a more unlimited awareness the things we currently do not understand.

It also allows us to add our own personal perception to things, without our the critical mind diverting our attention.

The exciting thing is that research in the field of psycho neuroimmunology are conducting studies to verify the validity of mind over matter and it's significance and success in lots of diverse ways.

By bringing together a large body Dean Radin and Roger Nelson at The Boundary institute in Los Altos, and Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, Princeton University did a meta-analysis of the mind over  matter interaction studies done over the period of 1958 through 2000.

This was done to bring together the extensive publications and various bodies of work in this field. The conclusion point towards evidence in favor of the mind over matter effects observed in controlled conditions.

It's a rather technical read, kinda boring but, if you are one like I am, and you're likely to get excited about the latest developments, it's very informative.

I'm left to conclude that we have the power to heal in an instant using mind over matter.

Now, whether or not our minds and bodies cooperate with this belief depends on what our mind holds to be true in any given moment.

I believe this has a huge effect on outcomes. My mother had a great emotional desire to heal in the story related at the link above.

She related to me that what went through her head as she drove home from meeting the man mentioned was:

She honestly believed that there was no one else to help her with her daughters. Therefore, it just was not an option to be crippled while trying to work in the service industry. She says she KNEW she had to heal to take care of us kids.

There was no evidence to her that it was or was not possible, there are those skeptics who must research and validate, validate, validate all of what we perceive reality to be, with highly regarded experiments. Yippee because that will help close that gap of dichotomous thinking regarding these ideas. I believe that is as it should be.

So any disbelievers can and will be given the comfort of concrete field evidence to land their feet on in attempting to out grow limited perceptions.

This is why I imagine that the news is referred to as "ground breaking evidence".

It gives us new foundations for new information, set within the safety of what we believe to be concrete, and this is a stability feature which often helps when approaching the mind over matter philosophy.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for the hope that perhaps you can in fact, use your mind over matter YES you can.

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