What's Your Learning Style?

Determining your learning style is a simple process.

It can increase the effectiveness of self hypnosis for you, tremendously.

The easiest way to do this is to grab a pen and some paper, and write a paragraph or two about a random memory from your life.

When you are done, go back and reread it, and see if you can determine your style by the details you have written.

For example, if I wrote something like...

"I was in the living room, and I remember staring at this one ornament on the sparkling tree, suddenly it became crystal clear that the meaning of christmas was..."

That is an example of a visual learner.

There are several types, In this situation, we only focus on three of them...

  • Visual-These people learn from what they see(pictures, video, etc.)
  • Auditory-These people learn from what they hear(talking, music, etc.)
  • Kinesthetic-These are the "hands-on" people. They learn from touching, moving, and doing.
  • Everyone uses all three of these, but one is usually more prominent than the others.

    Again, this is simple. Just go back through what you have written and see if you notice which one you might be.

    Once you know what type you have, you can structure your suggestions accordingly.

    And then...it clicks.

    Self hypnosis will be more effective for you because you have learned how to talk to your subconscious mind in the language it feels most comfortable with.

    It's amazing how simple this is, yet it can be incredibly effective.

    Of course, there are other techniques, like using positive action words (see the home page for more on this), but determining your personal prominent style can help you in whatever you are trying to achieve, with self hypnosis , a lot faster.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

    Make a Great Day!

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