Insomnia Side Effects

Insomnia side effects can effect you and the life of those you love more then any other type of neglect.

Some of the insomnia side effects may include :

Headaches caused by the unnecessary stress of living life on a half a tank of needed sleep.

Body aches and pains due to lack of restorative sleep.

Racing thoughts.

Inability to concentrate.

Poor decision making.

Eventually speech and articulation capacity is lowered.

Inability to effectively cope with stress.

Loss of memory: makes it that much easier for the person to cross over into the danger zone.

Weight loss: Weight gain is one insomnia side effect that many are unaware of. Because you are not sleeping well, your body loses it's ability to regulate your metabolism and it slows down.

Crankiness and irritability : This insomnia side effect poses is pretty universal ... think about a child who is not well rested, granted they are made to be immature even at there very best yet when they are on sleep deprivation ..eeeek every young parent learns to get out of the way ... it's on... and this is often the second or third lesson to Mom and Dad about who holds most of the power in the relationship... Yes it's true, in all reality, the child wins every time. You see them scurrying out of the restaurant all the time to put junior in the car seat to fall asleep ...missed meals - no problem- as long as junior gets his sleep, Dad will opt to eat later while Mom stays behind to feed big sister. I rest my case on that topic. Insomnia in adults is often overlooked and labeled many other slang terms such as witchy, unthinking, bossy and so on.

Often these insomnia side effects can occur even after one night of lost sleep. One thing is for sure Insomnia is dangerous even considered to be fatal if left untreated. According the the US department of transportation over 200,000 car accidents occur each year due to sleep deprivation.

When combined these things may be the cause many problems and issues that will lower your ability to live each day to the fullest.

The time you are taking to get a clearer understanding how they effects your relationships, your thinking and decision making patterns and most importantly your ability to feel physically at your very best and ready to make the most of that your life offers is worth any time spent ... as soon as you start getting relief.

As one moves from the occasional sleepless night into the ongoing cycle of continued sleep derivation insomniacs know all to well, such things as anxiety and depression, which lower the sufferers ability to cope, further deepening the offset behavioral patterns that continue to take control of their lives.

Often getting back on track seems like an impossible feat without some type of drug to help someone to get NEEDED rest.

Sometimes the insomnia side effects pass, but sometimes it does not and this is considered the danger zone where one could become dependent on medications that do not truly deliver the restorative sleep states the body needs to rejuvenate it self.

More often then not personal relationships are effected negatively by insomnia side effects, as those around the sufferer have no choice but to pull away, due to the cranky disposition of anyone living in the zombie state of insomnia. If you have ever been around a cranky child who is allowed to express them selves you will see the same effect sleeplessness can have on you. If you are a sufferer of insomnia side effects one bit of advice: do not give in to the belief that this is how your ARE, or that this is just how life is. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Once a person is relieved of all this, their personality goes through a change that is drastic and takes them to an awareness of new power to face challenges in a whole new light. Many say that once they begin to get restful revitalizing sleep again they feel as though a big weight has been taken off their back.

Some have described it as though they have been finally pulled out of a hell they had been stuck in. Some state that for a long time they had no idea how bad they were actually feeling, until they started getting some regularly scheduled relief from the drastic mood swings in their daily lives.

*One way to end the cycle permanently and redirect the brain into healthy natural sleep states is .... you guessed it ....hypnosis.

For those who do not suffer from a history of epilepsy or seizures, the hands down, the most effective way to go about getting more sleep and leaving insomnia side effects behind is to use brain wave frequency following response. This is the easiest way to allow the brain to drift off into a natural normal sleeping pattern consistently.

Remember sleep is a NEED, not a want. Insomnia side effects go away when you start sleeping regularly.

Tips for dealing with the insomnia side effects include:

*Steer clear of caffeine or energy drinks Even during those first waking hours when you first wake up. The less stimulants you put into your body the easier it is for your brain to use its own ability to regulate your bodies needs naturally.

*Get physical exercise The more you require your body to push past the discomfort of fatigue associated with the insomnia side effects the sooner your muscles will respond to that normal built in response you already have to find more restful sleep.

Another side effect of insomnia is weight gain insomnia is known to eliminate your ability to metabolize consistently you can count on a few extra pounds that refuse to budge. So it is important to maintain a consistent fitness routine, it is also good to keep in mind that your work outs should be done a few hours before you intend to go to sleep, the last thing you want to do is bump up your energy level at those times when your body will normally go to sleep.

*Keep sleeping areas for sleep. Avoid the temptation to work in bed, or social network on your laps top while propped on your bed.

If you are one of those who feel like you need a fan to fall asleep, you may be right, that is what it takes for you to drift off, that is one form of brainwave entrainment. One word of caution with this: the fan keeps going at the same pace all night long so your brain never gets to drift into those deeper states, this may leave you with insomnia side effects despite having gotten some ZZZZ.

Many who use this option report they may notice that on some nights when they do get sleep this way, they still feel unrested and have the insomnia side effects when they wake up and all through out the day. It is because the brain is still not able to get revitalized, due to only being on one sleep wave pattern being regulated by the fan all night long.

*Avoid drinking alcohol heavily. Due to your brains inability to drift into the deep sleep states when you have alcohol in your blood stream it begins to metabolize half way through the night and this interrupts your sleeping patterns and can prevent you from having healthy natural sleep.

*Embrace your uniquenessIf you are working in a job that requires night hours or a late night shift you are at risk of developing insomnia side effects due to the inability to maintain sleep in the day time. Recognize that your needs are different then the average person with the day schedule, and do what ever you need in order to seize every opportunity to make the most of your day time sleep schedule.

You may have to make special concessions and be sure to round up the support you need from those sharing your living space, i.e. roommates, family members and even community members. For anyone who is in these situation darkening the room with curtains is going to be necessary as well as turning off phones and so forth during the day hours. Leaving a notice on the front door to alert others that your a day sleeper often will keep your place a little quieter so you can maintain more hours of sleep.

Keep in mind that if you live in a high traffic area such as an apartment where the landscapers come by regularly to maintain the grounds you may request from your community manager some type of suitable arrangement such as they they save landscaping your area for a time that you could live with. Many mangers will accommodate these requests, if made aware of the need in a fashion that leaves room for negations, attempting to tell them over the phone after a lost nights sleep in a cranky voice may not always be the best way to accomplish your goals. So be prepared to take the time to make them aware of this need before the crankiness and irritability sets in.

Try to have a good idea of what you are hoping to have your sleep patterns work into as far as times of day you plan to sleep, so you will not be disturbed mid way through the sleep cycle.

*Give yourself the space in your bedroom to leave pets and animals that are more active during the day NO access to you. Make sure they are placed out side your sleep area. I had the hardest time with this one. My kitty just really wanted my attention and I had to draw the line and keep him at bay so I could get some sleep.

*Take a warm shower or bath before you retire.

*Be aware if you have to travel lot for employment you are also prone to insomnia side effects. Attempt to bring your own pillow or blanket to help your mind relax more easily when you are on the road. Alert the hotel staff that you prefer not to be disturbed at certain hours

*Alert your friends family and anyone who your use to maintain your household such as carpet cleaners and exterminators that you are temporarily experiencing insomnia side effects and you prefer not be disturbed until al after 3 p.m. rather then during normal hours.

What causes these insomnia side effects?

There are many areas of the brain that are effected by a night of lost sleep. When this happens hormonal balance falls out of whack. if this is a persistent occurrence you end up with the side effects of insomnia, that in turn will threaten your ability to produce the hormones your body needs to bring things back into balance so that you can unconsciously regulate many parts of the body to do their jobs correctly.

A stressful event such as losing someone, or a job, or a relationship can lead to sleepless nights and then that leaves the you open to the pattern of behaving in ways that continue the cycle of misery. Insomnia side effects are a signal to you to relax more and take extra time and find new ways to pamper your self.

For each person insomnia side effects are different and what works for one may not necessarily work for another depending on what kinds of stress you may be facing. The most important thing to remember is that you can always find a way to get back on track faster by using some of these suggestions so try to imagine ways that you can work these things into your routine.

Note key word here here: reVITALized, vital means NECESSARY. :) It is time to give your self a BREAK and stop this cycle of insomnia side effects today and get your happy normal life back.

Get rid of insomnia side effects now!

Here are some things to consider concerning the physical aspects of insomnia
More ino on the mental and emotional aspects of insomnia
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