Insomnia : the physical aspects

Stress and Tension

In order to address the- insomnia physical aspects, that keep you up all night, you've got to get your muscles and the rest of your body to physically relax.

This is done with suggestions.

Suggestions are just hearing words like "let yourself relax", etc.

It sounds crazy, but it really does work.
By focusing on relaxing each of your muscles, you are not only relaxing your muscles, but you are changing your brainwaves and bypassing your conscious mind so you can get to sleep.

Speaking of brainwaves...

The Neurological Aspect

EEG tests show that the process of falling asleep is an actual change in our brainwaves going from beta, through alpha and theta, to delta, the sleep state. EEG states has more information on each of the states.

In this hypnosis sessions, I use what is called brain entrainment.
Brain Entrainment is basically a series of tones that resonate at the same frequencies as your brainwaves.

The tones change to different frequencies which lead your brain to whatever state you are trying to get to.

In this case, the delta state.

This enhances hypnosis and actually changes your neurological processes to give you the relief from insomnia you are looking for (sleep!).

So, I've broken it down into two hypnosis sessions to deal with these aspects.

The first is designed to get you to the theta state so you can get through whatever your problems are. This addresses the mental/emotional aspect.

It also addresses the physical aspect by using the induction process (deep relaxation techniques).

As well as, the neurological aspect by using brain entrainment to gently and automatically move your brain into the theta state where you drift off to the delta state during the sleep session..

The second is designed just for falling asleep. It addresses the physical aspect by showing you how to physically relax your muscles.

The brain entrainment in this session leads your brain into the delta state so you can fall asleep.

All of this together is how you get rid of the insomnia problem using hypnosis.

MAKE a great day. (or, in this case, a good night's sleep!)

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