Improve Concentration and Focus With Hypnosis

Misconception: To improve concentration you must have willpower.  

If willpower is all it takes, then you’d just say, "I am going to focus on..." and you could achieve your goals with no problem, right?  

Unfortunately, that doesn't work for most of us.

Prescription drugs can help at times, but the side effects can take a big toll on you. So my hope is this will offer another way to tackle some alternative ways to improve your concentration and focus

You can never suffer toxic levels of hypnosis or simple mind training techniques that you can do during full waking consciousness!

This full waking method I am going to explain will help you to improve concentration and increase focus without using any other types of techniques other than just sitting, no devices or anything to buy, just your normal natural ability to grow your minds muscles that allow your mind to be present.

This is a meditation technique that helps you to empty the thoughts that may keep you from slowing down when you need to. Plan on practicing this and getting better over time.

1.Set an alarm to go off for 10 minutes. You can lengthen this as you get more advanced.

2. Pick a comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed. When I first did this I went into a closet because I was at home with children and that was where I could shut everything out.  I had a teenage child to look after the little ones while I did it.

3. Use a visual focal point such as a number or some type of positive image like a star . Close your eyes and visualize the image.

4. Now begin breathing paying attention to your breath, and the thoughts running through your mind. Notice the in breath. fill your lungs and hold for a comfortable second and release gently paying attention to your breath and thoughts. Let the thoughts come and go. Let them race if they do. On the second or third breath go on to the next step.

5. Now choose a positive image that relaxes you. On the out breath think a positive, peaceful, comforting, word that preferably has one syllable. like "peace" or 'calm'. Here you can even make up a word that really has no associations for you....

6. On the out breath think your name breath out your name and all the troubles, cares, fear, and  worries that come popping into your head and let yourself see those things flowing out of you.  Like your to so list, laundry, dinner shopping, chore list,  bills, and on and on with whatever comes out. Don't try to hold back, resentment will come up, fears will come up, wants will come up, that is ok. there is nothing for you to do other then let them flow out of you.

7. On the in breath see the focus point you chose Mine was white light, my word was a made -up sound, use whatever makes you feel calm centered and at peace.

8. Continue with this and on each out breath let it flow. ( I was totally amazed at how self-centered I am lol. Honestly, I was I had no idea I was that self-consumed being the spiritual master in training that thought iI was lol. I do believe this helped me to learn how to laugh at myself, with new levels with compassion!

Remember on the in breath to think the word you have chosen in advance. Repeat it in your mind over and over and just expect that the thoughts will wonder at times just bring catch yourself and each time you find your mind wondering you just bring it back to the what you decided to focus on during the in breath.

Event this helps you clear out some of the stress and fears and before you know it, over time if you practice consistently, you will be amazed at how much your mind gets more centered more quickly and easily. I was able to get to the point where the out breath was becoming increasingly more empty and I filled it in with the peaceful word I had chosen for the in breath.

That became a point of bliss in my day that really took me in a whole new direction with meditation. It was like cheesecake bliss yummm!

I loved it when I got to the point where I was breathing in and out calm and peace and happiness flowing throughout my mind  half way into it.

the best part about setting a timer helps you give yourself permission to let it happen as it does and not try to control it all. You stop when the timer goes off and continue with your day!

The Hows and Whys of Hypnosis, to Improve Concentration and “Un-conditioning”  

Picture yourself in kindergarten.  

You are in a class with 20 other kids. The project for today is to learn how to spell the word "blue.” The teacher gives everyone a coloring sheet with the word "blue" on it then tells you to color the word. You start coloring and after about 15 minutes, the teacher tells you to put away the crayons because it is now nap time. But you are so diligently coloring “blue” that you don't even notice her. So she raises her voice at you to get your attention. This makes you feel like you’re being scolded, so you quickly push the project aside and move on to nap time.  

What’s happening here?  

Your subconscious mind processes the harsh tone as, “it’s not okay to concentrate.” And as you grow, similar scenarios play out in different life situations, only re-enforcing negative conditioning. At the same time, your subconscious mind may also be learning to not finish projects that you start.  

In hypnosis, your brain’s ability to improve concentration and increase focus at new levels will grow, not recede.

Hypnosis serves as a very effective set of training wheels of sorts which can be slowly lifted, then finally removed as your ability to improve concentration and focus -- or “steer straight” -- gets better and better. Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to cleanse away unproductive old habits and negative emotional associations to clear the way for success.


Success comes by building confidence!  

Confidence is best enjoyed whenever there is a state of total security... and safety. Hypnosis helps get you -- and keeps you -- in that state of mind, free of fear and doubt. The result: new found, enduring confidence.  

Confidence also comes from achieving your goals.

If your goals contain inherent risks and fear of failure, such as while their is an audience watching, There are two contrasting issues for you mind to reconcile. The challenge to maintain that confidence while acting to achieve your goal, as easily as, you were when during practice, for instance, when you did not have the distraction of competition.  

While in a hypnotic state, you start to achieve that total confidence as you focus on the skills necessary to improve your mind’s “concentration centers.” In the hypnotic state, this occurs free of those risks and fears that are present during your full conscious state, when you are taking what can be very shaky steps as you try to accomplish your goals.  

Besides getting you into a state of total concentration, hypnosis also allows you extreme peace. This relaxation helps prepare your body for waking states of action by giving you deep levels of rejuvenation and confidence which greatly enhance your ability to carry out actions that require you to improve concentration.  

During the session, you’ll be presented small and achievable goals for your mind; these eventually create an extensive library of success memories that will be there when you need them.  

Two important equations…  

Small Goals = Success  

Success = Courage  

…combine for an even more significant third equation:  

Success + Courage = Confidence  

… a confidence you will be able to apply even when facing setbacks and obstacles during full consciousness.

As you give your mind suggestions during the hypnotic state and as you listen to them repeatedly, you will naturally create more and more success experiences. This is the big secret to effectively enhance your mind’s capability to increase focus and improve concentration.  

So you can CREATE a great day!

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