Can you Hypnotize Me?

Hypnotize you? This is the second question almost everyone asks once they find out I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

It delights me to see the reactions I get when I tell you that in fact yes I can! This exciting feeling of new hope washes over some of the many faces I've had the privilege to educate about the topic.  I know you may also be feeling that increased hope that change is possible for you too.  First, let's get prepared to delve deeper into your inner knowing, first by letting you read about and relate to, the various topics here.

Caveat... if you are seeking instant permanent changes where you snap out of it when I hypnotize you and walk around like a zombie saying "Will not smoke"

"Wow these clothes no longer fit! After a 50 minute session I instantly lost 30 pounds!" or "magically I have $1,000,000 in my bank account" or better yet "I listened to one session and now I got a record just happened!". Sorry for the truth that this is not the place for that.

Any hypnosis program that offers you changes without any effort on your part or any of that type of magic wand stuff is hype and I don't recommend you waste your time or money on it.

This is not about pie in the sky, or get rich quick. If that is what you are seeking this is not the place for that. This is site a place where you can learn about how to realistically begin to make changes that are lasting and permanent.

Let me explain some aspects of your subconscious mind that you will be working with and why I like to hypnotize those who are seeking to bring their desires into being in addition to using Brainwave technology.

For one, it is an experience. Most of us learn quicker and retain more when we are experiencing something.

So let's get a little busy by doing this:

Clear your mind, take a deep breath, close your eyes, open them and read the following sentence and quickly close your eyes again: -give yourself the freedom to follow the steps exactly.

once again... first clear your mind, close your eyes, open your eyes, and then read the next sentence and then once again quickly close your eyes ...don't think of, or visualize a cartoon of a blue elephant- close your eyes...

What just happened? ... I bet you briefly thought of a blue elephant, even for just a fraction of a nanosecond, or felt some type of disorientation as you resisted your natural inclination to think of or visualize the silly blue elephant in your mind.

If you have a very active imagination then you are more highly hypnotizable and therefore more highly influenced by suggestions. As you use your imagination more anymore it actually grows so If you did not see any blue elephant don’t completely give up yet, read on to find out whether or not this is for you.

The creative mind responds to action words.

The words like "don't, shouldn't, couldn't, and wouldn't", may never register to your creative mind, therefore you may be trying to use positive affirmations or perhaps direct commands with your conscious mind and the reason you're not seeing the results you want could be in the wording.

Often times it's the subtle differences in words programmed into our mind that determines how things play out for you in everyday life.

That is why, most people think of a blue elephant before they rush on to find some 'other' thing to think about.

You can use this knowledge to your best advantage so that you can begin to feel more in control of your life. The more in control you feel the better equipped you become to bring your desires closer to you with more ease simply by using effective creative mind techniques.

One classic example of how this works in everyday life is when Mom or Dad tell their young child.. .

"Don't slam the door"

Now you can almost hear exactly what comes next as the playful children, make their way to the door to run out side to play.

Those noises of laughing and scurrying out the door are silenced with the sound of ...BAM.... This all begins at a very young age with our little computer programs within. The action word "slam door" is what those little minds are receptive to rather then the don't part.

Why?     Well the words 'slam door' are action words, and our creative mind is continually working on actions whether we are thinking about these words or not.

Once you get the hang of how this works, the results of suggestions are somewhat less mysterious.

You can see how easy it is to hypnotize your children without even knowing it.

Think the scene where a parent is exacerbated with exhaustion and they say something like "I tell you over, and over, and over don't slam the door..." That is a classic example of how you unknowingly hypnotize some one, to slam door... slam door... slam door or don"t fall... don"t fall... don"t fall…. even more common is don’t forget ….don’t forget don’t forget. These little powerful action words are going in and they certainly are manifesting during your full waking state.

Consider this.

As you were reading about the scene of this parent-child interaction, my guess is that you are remembering either  your own childhood, or a day in the life as a parent. I would ask you to take a second to consider the body language of Mom or Dad and that of their child, in response to this.

Kids naturally have a desire to please parents by getting acceptance and approval. This feeds their ability to thrive, flourish and grow. Since their well-being and personal happiness depends on this validation,  this is a great example to use to see the wondrous ability of our mind even when we are young, as we see a child seek to meet these inborn desire.

It's not all that hard to imagine how that might play out in this scenario. Since we know this is a basic human need they may be matching the request with more attentive body language or lowered vocal tones.

Can you see the children responding to this request in some way, perhaps by momentarily lowering their vocal tones in order to accommodate a parent’s request? Sure.

Why then do they revert to the program of slam the door if they are obviously responding to this type of natural desire to please and conform?

Well it could be that for a child, on a some level, don't slam the door... is about noise, so they put in some type of conscious attempt to fulfill their  parents wishes for being quiet.

Since they are clueless about the fact that the request is about breaking and wearing down the door over time, as a result of being slammed.

Perhaps in their critical mind (which is most active during full waking consciousness, the part that evaluates and uses logic capabilities) after lowering their voices, they have achieved success in meeting their parents request to quiet down and so they naturally revert to their focus being on playing quietly while in the house.

As they play quietly they feel they have met their parents desires for quietness and well as you can probably guess, they no longer put a conscious effort into their immediate self-monitoring and so, that is when the subconscious program is free to kick in, when they are unaware of it, as they run to pay outside. Make sense?

Now you are getting a more in-depth idea about how to use hypnosis with reprogramming your mind effectively.

I hope this gives you a better idea of why hypnosis is an artful science and not magic and most importantly, how I can hypnotize you easily, effectively, and why it  works so well.

Repetition Strengthens and Confirms

So the simple answer is of course,there is good chance I can hypnotize you.

If you would like me to hypnotize you just sign up here for the free download I have made to help you get started and becoming more aware of your powerful unique ability to grow your creative centers in your mind with hypnosis suggestions. Or if you would like me to design and develop a personal session shoot me an email request here:
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