Hypnotic Suggestions

Write your hypnotic suggestions down before you start.

You will want to do this so you can structure your suggestions to be more effective.

This way you will know what to say, once you are in your self hypnosis session.

Always write your suggestions in the present tense, suggest a specific action, and be positive.

For example, this is what not to do: "I will have the ability to stop my headache."

Instead, turn it around and say, "My head feels clear and calm."

Think in opposites if you get stuck.

After a few brainstorming sessions you will come up with some great ideas.

Remember to use emotional, action words and be specific.

This is what your subconscious mind understands.

For example, "I will lose weight by cutting out greasy foods" won't cut it;

Instead say, "I enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, more often. I feel full and satisfied, when I am done eating."

Use Repetition.

The more you repeat your suggestion, the more affect it will have on your subconscious, hence the saying....

"Repetition Strengthens and Confirms".

Use as many present tense examples of behaviors that you can think of.

Put in as many descriptive adjectives your imagination can come up with.

Emotional charged words that are positive also translate your motivation and desire to take the actions you are programming yourself with.

Determining your learning style can also help you with your hypnotic suggestions.

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