Hypnotic Deepening Techniques

The countdown is the simplest self hypnosis deepening technique.

Begin by hearing yourself count down from 20 back to one.

Imagine the numbers in your mind.

Hear your self say take one deep breath and go deeper.

Remind yourself to go deeper for every ten counts.

This will allow your mind to become more focused.

Remember count slowly.

When you find yourself thinking about something else, this could be a signal that you are ready to start your suggestions.

If you don't feel relaxed enough, start counting again with the last number you remember saying.

When you are ready, it is time for... suggestions.

Don't over analyze what you are doing just let it flow as much as you can.

It takes practice so notice any progress and tell your self "I notice progress". Continue to practicing until it is natural for you to feel focused and  'ready to accept suggestions'. 

Make a Great Day!

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