Hypnotic Awakening Techniques

There are many hypnotic awakening techniques that I find practical and use for for various types of situations and scripts.

For the purposes of self hypnosis techniques, I chose this one. I like it's simplicity and ease in mastering. It also has the added advantage of being quick with getting repeated results.

Keep in mind if you are sleep deprived you may drift off to sleep.

So you can choose to take precautions by setting an alarm for 5 minutes after you intend the session to be complete to be sure you are not going to miss any commitments you may have made for later on in the day.

If you drift off to sleep that's okay too , you will wake up when ever your body has gotten enough sleep and feels refreshed again.

So begin by the Count to three.

I know it sounds too easy, but this is pretty much the standard for awakening.

For example, "on the count of three, I will be fully awake.

Counting up now,

1.... I am waking up now, feeling refreshed.

2....I have just washed my eyes with fresh, spring water.

And 3.... I am fully awake, refreshed and energized, ready for a great day.

If you are doing your self hypnosis sessions at bedtime, it is okay to go to sleep.

Just be sure, to signal the end of your session in some way, so your mind will be able to focus more effectively.

Say something to your self to the effect of " sleep now"

Be creative with it, and you will get more hypnotic awakening techniques as time passes.

Make a Great Day!