Conscious Hypnotic Parenting

More Tips for you when learning and applying hypnotic parenting techniques.  

Brainwave entrainment goes a long way to support your efforts as a parent raising ADHD children.  

Well here are some things I have put together for you to consider that might help when you face the challenge of finding the best way to cope with some of the hold backs as the parent of an ADHD child that I am calling hypnotic parenting.  

My hope is that by sharing tips it will alleviate some of your frustration and overwhelm as you face the challenge of raising a child in ADHD treatment,  but they can also be applied to lots of parenting situations for hypnotic parenting as well.

After seeing that your children are helped by this, you can incorporate some suggestive interaction if you like.

My number one tip is to begin by teaching and role modeling positive self talk.  

YOU matter!!!!  How you treat yourself is how your children will treat themselves!

It may feel outside of your typical role, or your personality, or how you carry yourself.  Fear not, even though that's one of the hardest things to get past, especially if your accustomed to presenting your witty dark humor, in order to lighten situations or just relax and let go... its ok, stick with this even though it may even seem mechanical at first.

Soon you'll be the crispiest coldest snowing shine in the room and your kids will be blossoming underneath the blanket rays of white- ready to spring forth new seeds of success in new ways!

Sooner then you may realize it will become natural and a great fun new part of who you are! Just like you tell your kiddos...Only with practice will it become natural.  

*Use this genie in a lamp, to open the door to giving them a feeling of their power to make choices. Conscious Hypnotic Parenting roxxs your childs potential to the next level and it's easy to practise and learn! 

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With younger kids 4-9 year olds- make it a game to see who can  catch mom or dad's negative self talk. 

 For older kids  10- 17 year olds- you can make it a "challenge" rather then a "game".

By allowing them to catch you doing the negative self talk it eliminates the feeling that they are being corrected all the time, (since that has the built in potential to lead to more negative self talk).

The more opportunities you can come up with to give them feelings of power and control, the more free they are to feel, and act on all your efforts to build high self esteem within your child. This translates into more power within the self to regulate and achieve desired goals.  

For the ADD child this means concentration and focus techniques that can be applied to daily activities. 

I bet they focus and concentrate during the above mentioned activity (try to find other cleaver ones that have similar qualities for your children). 

Remember: with conscious hypnotic parenting, do it quickly then move on!

It 's the attention you pay to small details, in communication that can go a long way over time! 

Typically, kids that have  ADD/ ADHD have in common some related conditions such as low self esteem, this may be because they are different and most public schools see this as a type of failure.

As you myay well know that has the potential to lead to anxiety, which, has the hidden potential to lead to forms of depression.

Thats when it's time to make an honest appraisal that is unique to you and your child's challenges.