Hypnosis For Running

Is Hypnosis for running for you?

If you hate running and want to sit on the couch with your 'do nothing' running the show throughout your life ....Honestly... it is not. Nope, not for you. You have no hope, in order for this to work you have to WANT it.

"When you believe in your dreams at every level of mind and heart, you have already begun the incredibly awesome journey of LIVING in the realms that lye Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt."- Maureen Killoran

Keeping that momentum during the race is the ultimate goal of Hypnosis For Runners.

Completely hook into the part of you that believes in YOU ,,. yes that means you!

Let yourself feel the power, focus, and freedom you crave from running at your best and better by using hypnosis to program your mind to increase it’s ability to sustain that mental energy that takes you to the finish faster and with more ease, comfort, and confidence.

Runners have a natural optimism and they appreciate the moment now! That is why runners are some of the most inspiring people I have come across.

That universal part of you that shares the superconsciousness of inner BLISS, the part of you that knows you deserve to reach your dreams goals. So together with your conscious and subconscious mind, my voice, on Hypnosis For Runners will facilitate your connection to the part of you that has already decided to do it.

Getting you past the negatives, the past fears, past cares, and past the worries and into the reason WHY you do what you do.

Connecting you directly to the part of you that already knows how to do it even better!

Hypnosis for Runners catapults that natural desire you have to do better, with suggestions automatically in your mental programs without you having to consciously think about it.

Most runners remember the way they felt when they first started out ... I have heard stories of beginners coming to an expo and finding themselves surrounded by others who have a radiant sparkle, always happy to guide them toward details like when to stop for water and when to pace yourself. It is fun to see how well others play at the game of giving back when seeing this stuff in action. Heroes. Heroes.

Within YOU is a Hero. It already there, Hypnosis For Runners is just the way to facilitate your direct access to that part of you that is creating the results you want. Hypnosis for Runners connects you to your own inner greatness.

Are you endurance running and ready to shave more time off your next race?

If you could snap your finger and it was done would you? How about if you could click a few buttons?

Hypnosis For Runners trains your most powerful muscle, which determines how well you perform.

I’d take no risk to say YES Hypnosis for Runners is most defiantly something that will take you to greater levels.

If you finding that you have reached the level of physical ability to out run your last time and you know its the psychological level that you must master in order to take your self to the finish faster.

Perhaps you would like to increase your current fitness, by adding length to your training.

If you are training for a 5k, 10k or longer then Hypnosis For Running is a great way let that happen.

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Hypnosis for Running Brainwave-Hypnosis


I designed this powerful session specifically to enhance your run, so you reach new levels of awareness during your run, by extending your inner focus so that you will run your best race yet. Imagine feeling the sense of winning when you run, knowing the whole way that you have a new level of extreme confidence.

Experience the rush of shaving off even more on your next big race with subconscious mind training made simple easy and affordable.

It so easy to grab your session on here so you will get that feeling of finishing faster and running farther.

You ready to get past the hold backs about the second half of the race.

Are you needing to let go of the negative outcomes in order to transform your run training from ordinary and painful at times? It is the mental aspects of training that count as much as practice and technique.

Inspiring runners to keep running...is what “Hypnosis For Runners” does.

I got my inspiration to create these sessions last year (2011) when a few friends I had been cycling with were running a marathon.

They asked me to make them something that would help them work through some of the things that they knew were putting time on their finishes. Like, not keeping up the technical aspects of posture and breathing for most effective strides.

One friend said he found that during the second half of his training he could not get past the mental aspects when the mental focus tends to wonder.

I was enthused... due to my long history of running for personal wel being and fitness and the benefits of it's meditative state I found during the times when I was running.

The strange thing about writing hypnosis programs is that naturally I found myself hitting the pavement on a regular basis after a long time of being on the treadmill...

Throughout most of my life, I go in and out of running but have never left it for too long. Each time I start back I am at square one and wonder how I got side tracked.

Usually, it’s the Texas weather that forces me indoors where I have to run on a treadmill - not my favorite - this makes me revert to more weight training less running time.

But I have never really done a 5k race yet. So I had to ask lots of questions about the ins and outs of running for races rather than for personal fitness. Strangely enough, I found out that in fact I was already running 5k.

That made me feel very official, not saying my times were anything to brag about but that was never my personal goal,

Yet while working with my friends on Hypnosis for Runners I found that the drive to push past any resistance and pain had to be the goal addressed in these sessions.

Being a lay runner I will admit that I took the approach that perhaps many out there using Hypnosis For Runners sessions would find....

they could benefit from the sessions either way- while they may not be looking to run a race- you do have to be looking to at least start running consistently on a regular basis with a goal to see some significant changes for the better.

Even if it is just to achieve that inner glow of optimism and self confidence I had always seen in those who I have come across that run.

Are you running for a cause? How do words wrap around the joy you are going to feel knowing you did it - YOU made a difference! Not only in your own life but the lives of those around you ... maybe even the lives of those yet to come, who knows right? In your quest for happiness by giving, you feel like you’re getting so much more in return. More times then not It works like that.

I found that most precious secret to happiness in life, comes when I am not even looking to get something. It is most often those are the times are when I am most stunned by how simple joys occur in life and the sense of hope I was attempting to share with someone else comes back ten fold..

Good Karma ROXXX!

It seems that everyone knows, that your mental frame is the just as important as the physical training and technical performance, yet most don’t know how to control aspects of mental training that are often blocked due to normal life stressors. This is where hypnosis for runners helps and it DELIVERS great results.

Running for fitness after not doing anything for a while? Do you want the least time consuming way to be ready when it is time to push forward on sticking to your routine?

The times when you have been able to push though the resistance have always been times when your motivation was high and there seemed to be no obvious obstacles in the day you started. As soon as you would put aside just a little bit of time like 10 minutes to get out there the next thing you know, you are already bumping up your run by the end of that week wondering....

:Like me perhaps you were thinking ... what was I thinking not doing this all along... then sooner or later on a run I recount the negative reasons so as to not get so messed up next time by letting myself get side tracked... I might look back and I meet the inner resistance that kept me from feeling the satisfaction I deserve when I run.

It comes down to my thoughts every time......

My most effective negative thinking ( and trust me I know you knows how effective negative thinking can be, its easy... think negative and your guaranteed to get a negative result) excuses like.....I don’t have time right now. I need the extra sleep. My critical logical mind kicks in full gear and since I have always been a morning runner, i would then proceed to elaborate on the negatives with logical things like

....... I hate to get all sweaty in the afternoon after working and plus whenever I have tried this, I will be up all night after I have second wind of energy.

That is when my next favorite word of rationalization is ...that little over used “Maybe” when my schedule lets up I can get started again. Problem is my schedule does NOT magically let up, and next thing I know have been depriving myself of the benefits running gives me for more time then I would have ever wished.

Since writing this hypnosis for runners program I have been able to go for that afternoon run because I can will my body to sleep when I click on session II use the hypnosis for running it helps me drift off to sleep, the brain entrainment always delivers like that.

It does all the work of guiding my brain waves into a natural, revitalizing sleep so I don’t stress so much over the second wind issue.

Restarting IS a matter of will power, and that has nothing at all to do with where I am at physically, Will power in the mind starts with only one thing ..


Where in the mind are all these thoughts and how do they get so out of sight?

DOESNT matter.

Here is where ‘keep it simple’ comes in... I don’t have to know how an electrical out let is designed or how it works -all I need to know is that it DOES. If for some unforeseen reason, that outlet doesn’t work then I know who I will call who can fix it.

If you are relating about the thoughts and how you get side tracked in your own way, then Hypnosis For Running can fix that for you.

It is about changing the beliefs you have held at the subconscious level that revert to old worn out programs surrounding events that have occurred that are no longer occurring so you have no useful purpose for some of those beliefs that you can not run faster farther with more ease and motivation.

Hypnosis For Running helps makes it so that you have thoughts running through your mind about letting go of negatives and wrapping yourself intellectually, physically, and most importantly emotionally around ideas that fully support you getting the most out of your running and....

PSST,,, you really don’t even have to tackle all the ins and outs of how it will become a part of your routine, all you have to do at this point is WANT it.

Pretty simple straight forward way to state how well hypnosis for running is going to work for you. All you need at this point is to want it enough to begin the relaxing experience of hypnosis. Your fastest run is closer they you may even realize..... how do I get it? ...... All you want to do is click below to get a safe effective Hypnosis For Running download to your own computer ready for you to put onto your Mp3 player so you’ll have it all the time, anywhere.

Click, relax, and put your feet up and enjoy the mind massage of these gentle hypnotic journeys , that allow you to glide on through you subconsciously held beliefs in some negatives that pop into your mind at the most unsuspecting moments.

You Risk Nothing Because I will give you as hassle free money back Guarantee : DON’T Decide Now. DON’T Decide Right Now. Try “Hypnosis for Running” for a full six weeks. if you have not seen changes in how you have been running up till today for the better, just let me know and I will refund your purchase no questions asked. That way all risk is vanished now and I am the one who is taking the chance here, fair enough?

I have to give this to myself or else I will have regrets. Something I choose to keep to a minimum in life these days are regrets... last thing I would ever want is to have you regretting trying this. I am a self admitted people pleaser, I figured out a way to put it to good use in helping others, so I am okay with it... make sense? :)

Thanks for stopping by and PLEASE keep in touch from time to time to let me hear about your successes! I love hearing how your doing!

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