Here are a collection of the  Hypnosis Downloads I have created in MP3 format most run anywhere from 20.00 on up to 30.00 USD.  

Insomnia hypnosis

Anger management

Weight loss 

Be Smoke Free 

Jumpstart Creativity

Stop Stage Fright

Chess Game
Trading in the zone

Attract Abundance 

I really have learned so much about making hypnosis downloads while creating these downloads.  I am happy that you who are out there listening are getting the changes you desire. 

If you want something recorded I do take orders.

Just contact me  and I will send you a link send to me in order to verify what your needs are, and how I can best design a professional session just for you. My pricing starts at only $50.00.

I will let you know all about what is included at that price once after hearing form you and I determine your needs.  

Directions are pretty straight forward for the hypnosis downloads so just follow the links, as well as the instructions on the page.

Then simply get ready by preparing for the session in advance by clearing away any distractions pets phones children and so forth.  

Listen to the sessions as often as you wish.  

There is no wrong way to go about decding when to listen unless there is specific instructions on the first track of your download collection. 

I reccomend you do listen to the session at least once a day for 45 days.   It is also a good idea to listen to the session after a good night sleep the first time you listen if possible. Other then insomnia- listen to it as soon as you can and let it put you to sleep right away.

 After doing the session with eyes closed on a good nights sleep two times, try to listen at least once while wide awake in order to get maximum benefits from the suggestions. 

Remember a general guideline is that you never listen while driving or operating any machinery as I use a deep relaxation induction that will lull you into a light sleep state. 

Always remember to check to see if your session has brainwave entrainment before giving it out as a loner.  Brainwave technology is not reccomended for any one who is pregnant,  has a history of epilepsy or a history of seizures.

Remember to keep listening and your relaxation will grow better your ability to go deeper will increase, the more you listen and train your body to follow your minds directives. 

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