How Does Hypnosis Work

When someone asks "How does hypnosis work?" there are two answers, depending on what the person is really wanting to know.

For example, some people want to know how hypnosis works with regards to what actually happens in the brain.

And the answer to that is simple..."We don't know."

We can detect that hypnosis does in fact works with EEGs , but we don't have a way to actually see how it is working.

Several universities are doing studies to try and find the answer to the burning question: how does hypnosis work, and this is only because hypnosis does work, otherwise no one would spend the time or money to find out exactly how it works.

The majority of people, and maybe you, just want to know "What does hypnosis do, exactly?" and "How can it help me?"" What can I expect to feel?"

Here's how all that works...

You've got many parts of your mind helping you function day in and day out. Let's look at The conscious and the subconscious.

These are loosely referred to as the logical and critical (conscious) mind and the creative (subconscious) mind.

More than likely, you are functioning in your conscious mind right now.

The goal of hypnosis is to bypass your conscious, critical mind to get to your subconscious mind because this is where all your memories, emotions, and beliefs are held., pub-3735562451049368, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Self Hypnosis does a good job of explaining how this is done.

For the most part, it's just a process of getting relaxed or highly focused. Then, once you are "in trance", it's about interacting with your subconscious mind to get it to agree that it is in your over all best interest to agree with forming habits and the behaviors that will bring about the changes you desire in your life.

This is done with suggestions. This is the heart and soul portion of the answer to your question- how does hypnosis work.

You are probably most familiar with suggestions from marketing. For example, when you see a commercial that says, "everyone is buying it", that is a suggestion.

It sounds really simple, and works.

Honestly most of us know the answer to the burning question does hypnosis work? : (ie how does hypnosis work)  simply by making a note to self to ask ourselves how many millions of dollars is spent in the media on advertising dollars for any product in the market place..

Follow the money and you will see most clearly that most of the money spent in corporate - goes to hypnosis! 

That aside, there is much consideration to be given to the motivation of the subject.

If for instance you are motivated to feel the love that surrounds you each and every day, some thing as simple as the affirmation I created to be read along side of the flower will promote your ability to see though the illusion or false belief that you are alone. When you read it  with repetition it becomes a powerful suggestion to your subconscious mind to allow you to notice your part of your world in new ways that you are searching for. If you are not even the least bit interested in finding deeper sense of manfulness at a time when you are exposed to a suggestion you may just pass it by, and go one to your task at hand that are demanding more of your attention in that moment.

How ever you will still have that program somewhere faint in your mind.   That program may become a catalyst for a future suggestion of finding unity with others , that will build upon the original suggestion.  

As the momentum grows within you, eventually you will have an AHA moment as you move along your path.

It may start with just one thing that you read , or one song you hear, or perhaps for you a simple honest moment of being around someone who promotes by way of suggestion, in the form of role modeling, a deeper connection with the part of your spiritual self that seeks unity. 

To get to the nitty gritty of the question how does hypnosis work, there are specific techniques that are used to make sure the suggestions have the most effect.

This is typically done with the use of strategically placed verbal metaphors and direct commands. With out taking all your time to write a full hypnosis course right here I can shorten it with the following.

With a hypnosis download that is designed with a specific intent, YOU have control of all the suggestions you put into your mind.   You are growing the garden of your choosing rather then leaving it up to anything out there...such as a fast food commercial to get you to act in ways that sponsors wants. Repetition strengthens and confirms the suggestion given.

For example, if you are trying to lose weight, saying "I am losing weight" will not work.

This is because the subconscious mind is creative and can not conceive loss.

So, instead you would say something like "I am creating a happier and healthier me."

The subconscious mind can grasp this because it knows how to create and perform actions. Which is why it is called the creative mind.

So in another context- How does hypnosis work? VERY WELL.

As far as what it can do for you, ...a lot.

Keeping with our example of weight loss, hypnosis will allow you to like going to the gym or eating healthy food.

Again, the key to doing that is with suggestions.

Take sex for instance. (Just follow me, here)

Think about the first time you heard about "it".

Did you want to get up and go have sex right away?

Probably not, you may have even thought -ewwh gross! if you were very young and innocent. I'm sure that has changed over time, right?

This is a very simple way to convey to you the idea I am presenting here.

The notion that your ideas and beliefs must be changed in order for your actions to change is what is done with hypnosis.

So by using hypnosis we can design many different suggestions, then tie them to emotions = which leads to motivation ... and plant them at the subconscious level.

This will allow your creative mind to generate automatic thoughts about actions which lead to habits that get you what you are seeking in the every day conscious behaviors that lead to results and lasting change.

That is what hypnosis can do for you. Please check on the side bar to find out How does hypnosis work me on the other specific topics I have included here.

So, you can go out and...

MAKE a great day.

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