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A friend of mine felt like he was feeling OFF lately, he mentioned going_vegan, and he asked me how to get back ON. Particularly in the area of his eating habits. I thought, since many have asked me about going vegan hypnosis I figured it was time to create this page.

How does letting go of wanting allow for more having?

How does this help me put new eating habits into practice?

First things to do is look at how you constantly feel desire in your life.

HUH? you may be thinking - that's sounds too complicated or deep ... or maybe this is totally resonating with you, either way... balk if you wish, that is okay too, just keep reading and considering some of the things you may read in this post as you attempt going vegan.

Some desires are healthy and assist us in living better lives adding more to the environment and the lives of those around us. then of course there are those things that we all have desires for in life that are a little out of whack from time to time.

Ever feel like your on the treadmill and your peddling and peddling and not arriving anywhere other than where you started with going vegan?

Your not alone, first let's throw out guilt. Guilt is not real, the truth is that once you make a change in any direction for the good that is it.. it is done. If you revert back to old behaviors, that your really did not want, it may be because something in you is in need, in some small way, that perhaps your not consciously aware of.

This a signal to us that we may be chasing those things in us that lead to nowhere. Many of us who are going_vegan have all made those vain attempts to tackle some new personal change for the good, and somehow before we know it, somewhere on the path, we missed our boat, or got off it too quickly, and poof... wound up right back where we started.

This is frustrating.

OOOWWEE once frustration sets in... the window to another road is wide open. that's when going vegan frustration leads us into fear of ..not having.... peace.... and then guess what follows?

Unhealthy wanting is what I call this ...

we want the frustration to dissipate instantly....

that's when we let our desires get out of whack with our goal to reach for a healthy food choice when going vegan. So how to nip this in the bud and succeed at going vegan?

 One tip I can share is learn these things:

Get relaxed and sink into what ever frustration is goading us into that pit of hopelessness where we completely revert back to our old ways in some small way in order to get that awesome feeling of relief from the grind of pushing forward.

Help me break the cycle !!!!!!I want to be successful going vegan?

Consider this: What if maybe your needs and wants are one in the same at any given moment? That's why sometimes, in our attempt to overcome some challenge we may be facing it is so easy to get off track.

How come?

Maybe it is because our environment is fast paced and the instant gratification,

from having more, now, in this instant, almost feels like a necessity on some days.

What I am referring to are those hectic days when you are running in many directions and a fast lunch or dinner is all you may have for an option. once hunger strikes and you're stressed or pressed for time you go for the most feasible way out, often it's a menu that consists of some dessert that gives you the needed pick me up to balance out that feeling of loss you gave into when you ordered your not so healthy quick fix entree.

See those needs are so closely related to desires that often it is difficult to discern the difference. Sometimes it as primal on an unconscious level as survival.

Keep in mind fear and survival instinct go hand in hand.

Imagine being able to recognize this is the moment of weakness and instead of getting side tracked, having a preprogrammed response already set into place to deal with it in such a way that gets you further on down the road to having met the goal.

Learning in advance how to relax in any given situation is the greatest life tool for anyone attempting a life change.

By preprogramming ourselves to let go of wanting, we enhance our ability to deal with desires effectively. That way we can use this skill during those times when it is the most challenging to succeed at going vegan, in the heat of the moment.

Using your imagination at this point gives you an added advantage when going vegan, in that you can choose to imagine having a fudge brownie.

Yes highly recommend this approach.

 Why because it really does work.

Letting your mind have the satisfaction in the imagination is a key secret I use when attempting a change.

When I was going vegan I used this tool a lot, and it saved me from from falling off the wagon more than once.

Back in the day before all the alternatives hit the market it was the only way I had to feel the comfort of foods that used to give me a charge. Now luckily there are some great alternatives to vegan cooking that were not available to me back then.

I can remember wanting a piece of cheesecake so bad and it killed my resolve.

To think that I would never again have this pleasure was just never ever an option. So I began pretending that I had just had a great mouthful of the creamiest cheesecake I could remember.

I would say the words YUMM MMMM that was delicious. I had to make the same faces that I would make after I enjoyed a bite of delicious cheesecake in order to really feel the full effect.

Try it.

What if your imagination is a muscle?

What if the more you use it the more it grows?

Once I got a hold of this little secret it has changed my life and my approach to going vegan. I added this little trigger to : follow up with a great piece of fruit like a strawberry or some blueberries to enhance the effect. Strangely enough it worked!! The best part is that giving myself lots of reinforcement was so freaking easy.

I would just pop in a hypnosis tape (back then before CDs) for increasing self esteem and that put me in the most relaxed peaceful state I had ever known naturally.

It was better than any drug I had ever tried because it DELIVERED the results without any bad side effects. It allowed me the freedom to do this next step:

Taking time to get quiet and write for ten minutes a day. Let frustration appear in black and white, if it comes up. Let it flow.

Follow up with this:

Get your youtube video of calm relaxation ready and release all the negativity by putting your feet up and give yourself the pleasure your mind needs.

The more you do this the better you get at it, and the better you get at it the more you notice when you are spending time wanting this or that to make you happy, instead of choosing to focus on what you already have.

rinse repeat daily!

Do this for three weeks and you may find that want to keep doing it.

At times it seems easy to focus on what I have, until I actually begin on some new project.

Once I get started on a project, like changing my diet choices, I am so easily distracted by the details of tending to the new and different actions I need to take to make the project take off, that I can get easily side tracked.

So now when I make the effort to be still and notice what is truly present in my life I feel renewed sense of clarity and peace, naturally this gives more energy to dedicate to the current project and helps to me re-energize more completely. That gives me more power to follow through with my actions that require more energy than my habitual patterns.

Break the cycle in a natural progression that leads to that road you really want to be on.

Click on the link below to get a free relaxation download to help you on your way to being vegan!

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