Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias Be gone peace, tranquility and calm are here for you now.

Can you tie your own shoes...?

That's all you need to be able to let go of unnecessary, unproductive and limiting fears.

Because if you can, that means you have come into a place of confidence, and self trust surrounding something that used to be something that was hard for you. 

Through the personal experience of dealing with frustration, anger, and intrigue, you, your self and only YOU :) have written somewhere in your subconscious mind, all you need to succeed in overcoming your fears and phobias.

My job is to guide you, to tap into that, in such a way that your normal fears and resistance don't hold you back anymore.

What if I said - You can even worry along the way all you want too ... that is not going to change how easy it will be for you to begin building new words thoughts and images in your mind that will eventually lead you to freedom.

Once I start guiding you towards the truth within you, that you can handle the things life throws at you, the same way you see others getting through challenges. Would you begin to know a new hope? my guess is that is why you are here.

"Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you lots to do, but it does not get you any where."

 You may be thinking Okay....I now got Knowledge, and that is Power, one type of power, but there is more....

Knowing that worrying, was not producing any of the results I wanted, did not seem to help to much. Sometimes it even made me feel stupid and insecure for worrying in the first place, which of course.... added to my worrying.

So when I was given this powerful information years ago, it made sense in my mind that worrying my self to death was not going to get me anywhere.

Yet it did not stop my worrying or relieve my fears.

Fears are feelings not facts. So attempting to combat my fears with facts was not cutting it.

Sometimes worrying is just a part of who we are at any given moment.

Obviously even after hearing this information I still continued to worry. Then, like most fearful people, I tried to monitor my worrying, which was something new to worry about...gees talk about panic !!!! I just wanted a solution......

Check this out....

Wisdom is an emotional understanding gained from experience.

So with enough of this Wisdom, I had hope that I could finally be free of my fears because WISDOM addresses my feelings and emotions.


Yet, wait this sounds like it could take years to get wisdom and I need freedom from my fears now please :)

Stick with me...

I finally got out of the loop by developing mind training techniques that are combined with heart centered techniques.

That way you can get on with your desire to move past fears and find a way to get all that you can out of this life without wasting another day worrying about your worrying about outcomes to the point where you get nothing that you really want because you feeling scared a lot of the time.

Once I got to do this in my life I found that now, I can start to go about packing in as much fun as I can along the way, while making some kind of significant contribution to this world.

Ones that my children and grandchildren will someday inherit. Helping you with your fear is a great part of that.

As I moved along the path I was fortunate enough to get little pieces of the puzzle from many different teachers, healers, and the like.

What I began to see coming through as I created these sessions is a process that targets BODY /MIND /SPIRIT.

Here's how I have put it all together for the incredibly low price of $20.00 USD,

I have paid many more times this amount because I began my journey long before the advancements of modern technology, and digital distribution channels, that have made it possible for me to distribute it at such a low cost to you that your going to feel totally cool with..

So here is what you get...

Body/relaxation of muscles Brain Entrainment- Mind/ Brain Entrainment & thoughts that are the changed with Suggestions Spirit/Heart that allows emotional release with imagery and other advance hypnotic techniques.

My years of personal growth, research, and design had led into the creation of a process that brings together the many aspects of the human psyche into one session.

I also break some down for fears and phobias so that each dynamic is fully addressed by the combination of Tracks on the sessions.

As I moved along on my personal development path, lucky for me, I kept searching for new ways to get to release from fears and phobias at higher and higher levels.

Years of meditation were great, the down side.... At times it was tedious,

My fears prolonged my progress in other areas.

Such as, chasing the power of having access to the dollar. Which is another kind of (not so mighty, yet still a contributing factor to the quality of my existence) other type of power.

What does any of this have to do with fears and phobias?

It's all about POWER.

And you have it.

Learning to access it and put it to work for you in a positive fashion will help you in overcoming your fears and phobias. So you can do those things that make life sweet, fun, enjoyable and exciting. The things you really really underneath it all, came here looking for right?

We start with deep relaxation. This adds to your body memory of being at peace.

Next we add Brain Entrainment Technology.

This gets you quickly into a state of peace tranquility and at the chemical level.

It alters your brain wave patterns automatically with sound waves.

With out the need for medication, or all the years of developing the discipline to achieve altered states of consciousness and meditation on your own.

Back it up with hypnotic suggestions and metaphors, which target specific fears and phobias.

They are built in to the session, so you are able to feed your creative mind a new experience. While in the state of peace and tranquility.

The "experience" is what you run over and over in your mind.

This leads you directly to the place of wisdom, without the need to run out and take unending risks to overcome fears.  Risks like jumping into a pool of wild sting rays, or doing a ropes course, or singing a song you dont know all the words to, with your eyes open to a group of 15 other individuals seeking to overcome fears .. or the many other things that could help, but are expensive and time consuming.  

I highly recommend those types of therapeutic experiences as avenues to having lots of peace and tranquility - Ehem- once you have completed the search on google for these opportunities and filled out all the forms indicating what you hope to achieve and a little personal history... ect. ect. and so forth, and sent in your payment arrangements to compensate all the providers for their services, and attended the goings on at these functions, I am sure these encounters will be very beneficial, trust me I know, I have done these things. lol. 

Or maybe you could safely scroll down to the links and order a relaxing revitializing hypnosis session, to enjoy, in you easy chair, there by your computer, in the privacy of your home now.

This translates during full waking consciousness to the things you may struggle with in your current circumstances.

The combination of these 'guided experiences of peace and tranquility' allow you to be rid of the symptoms that are common when fears and phobias are running your life. 

Imagine if you could reprogram your autonomic nervous system at the unconscious level to:

Slow down your heart rate, rather then have palpitations.

Allow you to breathe comfortably, rather then feeling that tight shortness of breath.

Feel steady and safe rather then trembling or shaking.

Feel the body relax and allow freedom rather than feelings of choking.

Be in the moment rather then overthinking every decision and it's possible consequences.

Alleviate the flight or fight syndrome, where your digestion slows down resulting in the symptoms that are common such as sweating nausea or stomach distress.

Open up the pathway to clarity rather then feeling unsteady, dizzy, light headed or faint.

Get grounded instead of having feelings of unreality.

Replace being detached from yourself with normal natural perceptions.

Release your fear of losing control or your fear of dying.

Allowing any numbness or tingling sensations dissipate.

Hot or cold flashes come into a normal range.

Blood flow to comes into a normal range.

Lets your thoughts be in your present, awareness with clarity and focus.

Allow you to get your fears in check so you can enjoy each day that you are given.

Hypnosis combined with Brain wave technology came along and helped me to get results quickly.

So, I purchased a machine for $300.00. It allowed me to hook into the technology where ever I was. That was over ten years ago ...Back then it was not as advanced as it is today.

Now we are capable of targeting states that guarantee your brain wave patterns are the ideal for each specific type of need.

You can spend about $20.00 and hook in right from your computer with a session that I designed here. 

Freedom from anxiety 

Release fears and phobias of Stage Fright 

Release fears and phobias of Social Anxiety 

Release phobias of Dentists 

Freedom from panic attacks 

Or if time and money are no object, consider a system for yourself and make your own suggestions.

 I use traditional technology that was made by Transparent Corp they have since moved into marketing neurosensors and I believe that the designers are now working with Neurosky- which are the distributors of many apps and mind enhancement products. I have found that these products are so varied and they are so many new technologies out there I am hard pressed to do a review that would accurately,  but do want to recommend doing a search to see what the latest developments are. 

 This is suggested for all hypnosis professionals seeking to bump up your array of offerings to enhance positive clients outcomes.

For individuals you will find that you are not limited to just fears and phobias, you can target many areas with a personal twist. It allows you to create sessions and just make straight out suggestions. Keep in mind that your need some training if you want to incorporate advanced hypnosis techniques.

As for those coming here seeking to get on the  other side of your fears and phobias, I find using this technology has made letting go of fears and phobias a snap. or for better words - a click.

Brainwave entrainment does all that you need to assist your brain in getting to a receptive state to receive the safe calming positive relaxing suggestions I have designed.

The metaphors I have designed for the session will guide you into a place where you can release holdbacks. Getting you to the place of total confidence on the road away from your fears and phobias. This is the heart centered aspect of my approach.

I add positive energy with the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) timeline techniques.

In order for you to decide that you want this, I have included a free introduction session that lets you hear my voice and get a feel for the background music while listening to a guided visualization.

It does not have the brain entrainment on it. You will truly benefit from listening to it repeatedly. So check it out!

The more you listen the more you are growing the centers of your mind, and heart that are full of energy, peace, and well being.

This translates into all areas of daily living.

To begin with the free session titled Rainbow Relaxation, sign up for the subscription to my newsletter Happiness and Bliss.  In the newsletter block at the left hand side of the page at the top.

Listen whenever you have time.

Then after a week of listening come back and check out what new fears and phobia sessions I have added to the selections and your on your way.

One day soon the thought of panic and anxiety will be a distant memory.

Hint: Listen a couple of times while you are wide awake.

To do this simply don't lay down and don't do anything other then eat a peanut butter and jelly sannie or whatever your favorite non cooked lunch is.....

Some people will naturally fall into a state and they feel like they went to sleep and don't remember it. That's totally normal and to be expected sometimes depending on your need for sleep at any particular moment.

Listen when you are awake, as well as, when you are drifting off to sleep at night.

The natural normal result is more power to consciously apply this stronger more powerful aspect of you to all situations in your life.

It's so darn easy put your feet up and enjoy..

As you grow your most powerful muscle.

I know you're are makin' it a great day cause your about to FEEL so much safer!

Affilate Disclaimer

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