EEG Brain Wave Groups

"EEG (noun). a machine used for electroencephalography."


To simplify, an EEG machine is what the medical community uses to monitor and record electrical impulses in the brain.

These electrical impulses, or brain waves, are broken down into groups, measured by hertz(Hz)...


(13-40 Hz). This state is associated with processing outside information, problem solving, etc. It is basically the normal, conscious state and most likely the state you are in, as you read this.


(8-12 Hz). The alpha state usually "occurs" when the brain is alert, but not actively processing information. When focusing on solving creative tasks, the alpha state is usually dominant. It has also been called the "bridge from the conscious to the subconscious."


(4-8 Hz). Theta waves are usually associated with creative inspiration, intuition, and daydreaming. It is also the level where our memories and emotions are. So, naturally, the goal of hypnosis is to get to this state, to work with your memories and emotions, in order to produce whatever change you are trying to affect in your life.


(0.1-3 Hz). You are basically asleep, when the brain is in this state. And, for our purposes, that's about all there it to it. Gamma (40Hz-higher) This is the state that is associated with insight and profound awareness. This state has been given the least amount of attention over the years, yet my guess is that as more funding to scientific research is poured into this field of discovery we will begin to notice a correlation between this state and what I have termed the super conscious state.

It will be interesting to watch the research unfold, as it has with the current validity studies that have proven how beneficial Brain Entrainment is when used at these other levels. If you are interested, be sure to sign up for the newsletter I have here on the site to keep up with those things.

Hypnosis is the process of going from the beta state, through alpha, to theta, where we work with your subconscious mind (memories, emotions) in a language it understands to change whatever you want to change, and then returning, through the alpha state to beta, where you can continue with your life, having been freed from whatever was holding you back.

You can do this yourself, with self hypnosis. If you prefer a hypnotherapists, over doing it yourself, as we have been perfecting the most effective techniques to get you where you want to be as fast as possible, contact me on the contact me button on the Nav Bar and I will be glad to discuss your personal situation and needs via e-mail. Thank you for stopping by and now go regulate your brainwaves with some technology built out of the help of those who helped those that designed the EEG in for everyone to see visually what the brain is doing.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me. And always remember to... Decide your gonna MAKE a great day.

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