Dental Phobia Hypnosis

Dental Phobia is a common problem that effects the way you smile every day!

Do you find that getting past that panic and fear of the dental work stop you from having a better smile? Dental phobia effects millions of intelligent rational people from getting the best care needed for their oral health.

The first challenge of getting over your fear of being in that vulnerable position while someone in digging into your mouth, or for this purpose your psyche, is already out of the way.... Imagine a Dental Anxiety Session can be done in the privacy of your own home, so you can be comfortable and relax.

You simply put your feet up kick back, close your eyes, relax and within 3 minutes of listening you will be comfortable and carefree.

It puts you immediately in control, so you get on the other side of this fear. After listening you will feel more freedom to make your dental appointment, and follow through on this commitment to your overall health. You will begin to get the benefit of having the ability to start running to the dentist as soon as small problems arise rather then waiting and putting it off until it becomes a big expensive problem.

While in the dentist chair you will feel a sense of calm, ready to relax and let the dentist get you the smile you have been wanting.

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Dental Phobia / Anxiety Gone Hypnosis


Where Does Dental phobia come from?

Often times it may arise from a past negative or painful experiences during a dental visit.

Lack of control in being able to communicate in your usual fashion... speaking.

Comments from the hygienist or staff about the neglect that has gone on in the past can cause embarrassment.

Add to this the discomfort and embarrassment of opening your mouth in the chair, as the dentist examines your mouth in the small office filled with cold probing objects. These are common reasons many find it to be a stressful situation, they can not overcome, and many wind up putting off needed care.

If your parents had a fear of dentists this may have been unknowingly handed down to you.

Many say the embarrassment of having no called no showed for a previous appointment, leads to the easier route of avoidance. Do you find you just avoid the whole ordeal and find that you want a comfortable way to ease into making and keeping that appointment you have been promising your self? You can easily listen to powerful suggestions to assist you in overcoming the stress related to that appointment with this download.

Here are some tips regarding children:

*Begin dental checkups at an early age.

*See about a kid friendly office in your area. By having a "fun" visit the child will experience a visit free from the normal stresses of having the dental work done. The goal of the appointment is to instill a sense well being in the child regarding the dentist visit. The dentist will have the child just sit in the chair and look at the mouth mirror. If this goes well and the child is comfortable with that the visit may progress to some type of exam or a "look" depending your child's comfort level.

*Enforce good hygiene, so trips to the dentist are minimized.

*Prepare in advance so YOU are not stressed. That way your child may feel your ability to be in control, this will help them feel a sense of calm towards any discomforts they may face should they ever need extensive work done.

*Be on the look out for a tooth fairy token that they can fit in their pocket and bring with them to the dentist. ( something soft like a tiny stuffed bear / key chain that will fit in the palm of their little hand, and gently suggest: You remember it goes under the pillow when you loose a tooth, so the tooth fairy can sprinkle magic dust on it that helps you feel calm when ever you think you need it."

In most other cases I would even suggest a "magic" rock ... how ever I want parents to steer clear of anything that a child might try to put in their mouth: as it is the subject of this type of confidence building.... )

Remind your child that there is something magical in their pocket that they can hold on to if they need to feel a sense of relaxation and calm when having a dentist visit. This is to help them feel in control and hopeful about the connection between this wonderful tooth fairy and the dentist.

*Each child is unique so keep in mind that you know your child best so trust your instincts.

Hypnosis can help with dental phobia.

This session will instill a rewarding sense of accomplishment and self confidence in those who use it.

Remember to use your download frequently.

All you have to do is put your feet up relax and the session does the work for you. Do not use the download while operating any machinery or driving as it suggests close your eyes.

This is a cost effective session that will banish dental phobia and will boost your confidence as you begin to smile more often!

Improves well being by diminishing fear and replaces it with calm and confidence.

So you can go out and Make a Great Day.

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