Decision Making

Here at, my goal is to help you achieve your goals in every way I can.

That includes decision making. Many books and blogs are written to address this issue from many different angles. So it is a topic that is as expansive and inexhaustive as there are decisions to make. So the reason I wrote this page was to give some pointers that may guide you.

* Write this down 5 times before you begin: Perfection does not exist. Perfection does not exist, which means perfection does not exist and I love my choices because I am learning something new.

* Write out Pro and Cons list, I know you heard that before but many times we overlook this simple tool and get caught up in the emotions of trying to come to terms with what offers the universe has sent our way we fail to take the practical tool and put it into motion. It will help you understand some of your holdbacks.

* Run the list by an objective friend and stay open to negative feedback. This is where many get caught up in resistance to change. Remember you asked for the help and so take to heart what you hear by this sneaky action : write down what you hear because if your resistance pops up you are more likely to "forget " the things you don't want to hear. It could be critical to help you really see a bigger picture.

* Naturally you will want to look at continuing your search for answers with a broader mindset by getting relaxed and allowing for a feeling of inner confidence in whatever way works for you. Your imagination may give you some new twist to how things may work out for you.

*Consider your life purpose and how this decision fits with that long term.

* Listen to Yourself, when something isn't a good decision your body and emotions will tell you.

*Begin to Notice beforehand how well that decision will look on you in the mirror, after you have made it...will you be more comfortable with the new person you see, or will you have to take the risk of knowing that there may be some unknowns that you may have to grow into. Write about those this will increase your self-awareness in new ways.

*Become willing to make some mistakes and learn from them.

*Write out some past decisions and be sure that you make a few lists here. One column could include snap decisions that worked out well, while you also put down some good ones that took some time and thought, as well as one column for the 'not the best decisions I've ever made' list, while you're doing this, monitor what your body is telling you.

Once you decide on something, it is important to stay motivated that's where hypnosis comes to the rescue.

Some are naturally good decision makers others often find the challenge to be something of a chore that will require trial and error.

When it comes to the big decisions like should I take the relocation to a new job or should I get married or should I have children these are the types of decisions that will require time to help you in the process, Seeking out clarity before you jump will be enhanced if you free yourself of the burden of the stress of controlling outcomes.

Finding a balance will help you to come to terms with compromises that many decisions entail.

Sometimes your decisions make or break your outcome and your thinking long term so, whether you are deciding what to eat for lunch, or if you should take that new job, this tool can clear things up a lot.

One decision I made that was a great one was to build this site! If you are interested in how I did it check this out

Choose It!

It's a simple, free interactive tool, developed by SiteSell Inc.. It allows you to fill in the blanks and arrive at a graph which weighs your options. It's looks very simple, but when you actually see it work, it can be a big eye-opener.

I hope you enjoy it.

Note: Choose It! is totally private. There is no way anyone can know what you enter in the fields.

However, if you feel like sharing how you used Choose It! in your decision making, I would love to hear about it. You can

Contact me here.
Hope this helps!

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