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Now serving the Dallas and surrounding areas, Dallas hypnotism expert Maureen Killoran trained at the Dallas Hypnotist Institute in 1998  with the late Gloria Wilburn to achieve a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist certification. She is currently reaching out to provide individual sessions to those seeking to make positive changes in the Dallas Metro area and is centrally located at:
 3317 Finley Dr Irving Texas 75062
Please call 214-799-3587 to reserve your time now.

Dallas Hypnotism expert Maureen Killoran is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in the State of Texas. Maureen is passionate about working with individuals, couples, families and groups processing a variety of life issues. It is her desire to walk with people wanting to move forward in life. Sometimes life's challenges and the future can seem daunting at best, and we need people who can help us navigate through it all.

You do not have to walk alone.

Session pricing is  $120.00 

Current rates for Quit Smoking hypnotism session  rate is $200. 00  one year 100% money back guarantee.   Hypnotism is known to have a 89% higher success rate for quitting smoking then patches, vapors,  gums and medications /chant ex. It is the most solid way to fight back and finally win by letting me walk with you to kill those cigarettes companies riches.

 I will walk with you towards the new success you are about to achieve in this struggle.

It is my biggest passion.  call 214-799-3587 now

 Gentle, easy, and effective. Your most powerful muscle is about to serve you well when put in my chair.  This is about you feeling the wonderful sense of freedom and the normal, natural, feelings non smokers enjoy without any struggle.  Allow that bubbling up  part of your that desires new power and hope to call before you leave this page. Start keeping the money you spend on those smokes for other things you want to buy! 

Call 214-799-3587 100% money back guarantee on Smoking program....  so now its time to contact Dallas hypnotism expert Maureen.

I love sites like this i listed below,  they have a bunch of medical journals stating the effectiveness of hypnosis for quitting smoking http://www.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_statistics_on_the_effectiveness_of_hypnosis

Currently I am not in network with insurance however,  I will provide you with a receipt and you may file as I am licensed.

 If you are in need of sliding scale rates i do not want any one facing financial barriers who is seeking to make changes to have to walk alone so call for details if you have a need. 214-799-3587.

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