Chess Game Hypnosis

By using the Chess Game Hypnosis session below you quickly and easily  build your memory and concentration skills to increase your playing ability.

This chess game hypnosis session was  designed to bring about a state of complete and total focus for all levels of chess players. Now as you may already know, your subconscious mind can be your best advocate or your biggest challenge.

I'd say it is more then likely a combination of both. Just like ti was for titled champion Roger: 

Congratulations to 2011 Maine Chess Player of the Year Champion: and the inspiration for the development of this session : 

2011 Maine Chess Player of the Year Champion   ROGER MORIN !! Dominates !

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"Going into the final tournament, Lance Beloungie of Caribou held first place over Roger Morin of Houlton by a mere 0.3 points. Although Beloungie finished with 1.5 score points and 4 game points, Roger put up 2.5 score points and 4 game points to provide the winning 0.7 point margin, giving Morin clear first place in the year-long competition." Lee Doucette

So happy to hear about your recent title of 1st place! 

Thank you for letting me or should I say -- the hypnosis for building chess skills sessions -

 be a small part of your happiness  in the way that it has!  Thanks for allowing me to design this chess game hypnosis session  in order for you to increase the tools you used in your chess training for this event,  and also for allowing my belief in your ability to exceed assist in taking you to the higher levels of achievement by listening to this session, that was developed with your needs in mind.

Roger: thanks  keeping us in the loop about your new levels of success!  Takes a champ like you to let me tell some of your secrets and letting me reveal your subconscious chess training!

 Thanks So Much Roger!

Roger is a great example of what you can do to increase your game potential and tap into your automatic ability to reach new levels in your game as well!

Should you choose to go to you tube and find a game changing hypnosis session today, you are going to begin a program that will give you an increased ability  to finally OVERCOME unproductive thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, at the subconscious level in order to take your game to the next  championship level just like it did Roger.

With  a hypnosis session you are able to create a winning edge in the subconscious in order for you to get the most out of yourself during the game.

Your practice periods and study sessions will also be enhanced as you begin to use your mind in new ways and tap into more of your  unlimited potential in order to achieve those higher levels of effectiveness! you are seeking Most programs are designed to allow you to effortlessly and naturally build your memory capacity and concentration for applying your strategies during critical periods in your game. Your positive reactions will become automatic.

Now you've GOT GOOD GAME!


So you can go out and Make A Great Day! subconscious, hypnosis

Hypnosis for Chess Players


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