Does brain structure effect hypnotizability?  Size and shapes of an organ that may effect ones ability to go deeper, faster.

 Will brain structure effect hypnotizability?  Scientists have gone to work to discover if and how those with varying brain structures go into trance states more easiliy.

Just like basketball players who are tall and have longer limbs on average are the most inclined to succeed  on the court, compared to gymnasts who have compact bodies are again -on average well suited to performing amazing  stunts.  Since we recognize that those with the most proficient route to complete endeavors with success have in common certain key physical charasterics that are optimal for the task necessary to have a competitive edge for  particular types of activity. Well interestingly enough,  a new study shows that there may be a particular type of brain structure that promotes an individual's ability to be more highly hypnotizable.

Allow me to introduce some of the research that has helped us in discovering some interesting clues that continue to solve the puzzle of what makes us tick.

Scientists are pointing towards a part of the brian that is called the rostrum which is larger, or to be exact,  a whopping 31.8% larger on average, in those subjects who showed an increase in their ability to be more easliy hypnotizable.

New information reveals that  it is the little structure called the rostrum, that is responsible for regulating attention, as well as  carrying and transporting information between the prefrontal cornices,  is considerably  bigger in those who are more easiliy hypnotizalbe.

This study shows that it's the size and shape  the rostrum brain structure that effect hypnotizablity , that  has been related to subjects who enter more easily into trance states.

The following conclusiosn were made about the what  brain structure effect hypnotizability.

"Increased anterior corpus callosum size associated positively with hypnotizability and the ability to control pain."      This study was done by  IE Horton, HI Crawford, G AHrrrington and  IH Downs 3rd at the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, The University of Virginia's College at Wise. 

Does  brain structure effect hypnotizability - the answer is most likely yes. Could it be a matter of genetics?   Or is there some thing those in the study may have been doing through out their lives, that increased the size of their rostrum, such as yoga, prayer, meditation, or playing certain types of video games requiring specific forms of concentration?

Taking this a step further,  I wonder if maybe it is possible to strectch and grow this structure with the increased application of hypnotic and mind expanding adventures?

More and more we are seeing their are many unaswered questions to be explored  in answering the question, does brain structure effect hypnotizability?  Our thanks goes out to those who are doing the studies and increasing our understanding.  One more small step in the direction of increasing our self understanding.

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