Brain Entrainment

What is brain entrainment?

It is sight-sound stimulation used to guide your brainwaves into a variety of states of consciousness. The benefit is to target these certain states that show to be ideal for particular tasks.

Here is an example:When you are sleeping your brain waves will flow at a different frequency from when you are fully awake or working out.

Brain entrainment is the use of systematically designed sound waves or light patterns to gently guide your brain into certain states of consciousness.

Why do I need this?

Unbalanced brainwave patterns that produce the restrictive thought processes can make you prone to higher anxiety and depression and weakened mental focus. In other words, as our technology increases, our bodies ability to handle the new frequency stimuli from our environment, is in need of increasing or catching up. Brainwave training can do this for you.

By listening to the known frequencies your brain begins to harmonize and balance both hemispheres, allowing the distinctive areas to work in sync, allowing communication of ideas, perceptions, judgements, and reactions, to flow more efficiently. This heightened cohesiveness in the brain system produces optimal states. It is my view that the more urbanized the area you live in, the more out of sync your brain becomes over time, due to such things as planes flying by, cars, trucks, trains, not to mention household appliances and the many other things that your brain must tune in and out all day long, and even into the sleep hours.

Normally you have no way to correct this, until now. With brain entrainment, it’s possible to tune in and gently, easily, and effectively guide your brain into the known frequency ranges that are designed for your optimal functioning.

You have a precise system to control your brain's ability to restore balance with the simple click of a button.

It has many applications.

Until recently it has been widely used to activate sleeping patterns for those who suffer from insomnia.

The good news is that this brainwave technology has become an effective modality that can regulate your brain frequencies to extend particular states that correlate with certain activities. Such as things like working out, verses sleeping.

That is important because the brain releases one type of healing hormone while you are getting rest revitalizing sleep, and then another hormone, when you are working out, or say concentrating at high levels of focus and awareness.

These various states of consciousness are known to shift the brain into correlating states to produce a unified orderly system that increases your general well being when everything is in sync. Once the brain waves are all in sync things run smoother.

Things like obesity, ADHD and insomnia are all affected by these newly balanced brainwave activities because by listening you lay a more solid foundation to address the issues from a more unified perspective.

How does this work?

Sound waves?? huh?

Many of you may have taken your jewelry into a professional to have them cleaned, as you may recall the professionals put the tarnished rings, earrings ect. into a pool of water (or what looks like a fish tank) and then they run sound waves through there in order to move the tarnish off.

Another way you will notice a normal natural type of frequency following response is to remember a time when you heard a song and you follow along by tapping your foot.

Here's how it works...The effect is called the "frequency following response".

Let's say you've got a tuning fork that resonates at 440 Hz. When you strike it while holding another tuning fork, that also resonates at 440 Hz, next to it, the second one will start resonating at that frequency without striking it or doing anything to it, simply exposing it to the vibrational frequencies of the one next to it.

The same thing applies to our brainwaves. If you listen to a series of tones or frequencies, your brainwaves will follow and start resonating accordingly.

Can this technology help me?

Good chance it can,  there are some who it really has proven great results and yet for some it is better to not use the technology.  An example is if you have seizures or a history with epilepsy it is not recommended.  Rule of thumb is to check with your doctor.

One of the wonderfully amazing aspects of Brainwave entrainment is how the sessions are designed to resonate at frequencies that are specifically designed for various applications.

You can now guide your brain into rejuvenating sleep states and extend the time spend in states known to  enhance and accelerate the healing process.

Here is one common example: some of you may know someone who will rely on running  a fan to help them fall asleep- maybe that is you, those in this category should also know that while the fan will help with getting you into a sleep state, some report a problem with this,  I suspect that the brain is not going through it's natural cycles of various states such as the deeper sleep patterns of REM and Delta waves.  Many who are on the fan system report feeling unrested and not getting a decent revitalizing nights sleep.

So if you are in that category you probably will benefit from using these technologies to retrain your brain. After listening to the specific brainwaves designed to enhance the natural sleep rhythms, many report feeling better rested and revitalized since they are not stuck on one frequency once they make the switch.

Thanks to the technology that allows us to view  EEG states  which correspond to certain frequency ranges. 

Brain entrainment works by listening to sound tracks that "lead" your brain through desirable states for certain activities.

By using brain entrainment technology along with hypnosis, your creative mind, or subconscious mind, has the power of suggestion and creativity to greater levels!

By allowing your brain to naturally extend various states you make it easier to relax and de stress naturally.

Imagine being able to switch on many different aspects of your brain power in a whole new way.

Many of the sessions here will guide your brainwaves to allow you to feel relaxed. This will induce the hypnotic state, then your mind will absorb the positive life enhancing imaginative suggestions.

Some sessions are designed to help you get geared up, for example- a more intensely focused work out.

Some report that the brain entrainment has produced an effect that is known to assist with healing and managing conditions such as such as Insomnia and ADHD. 

The scientific community has taken notice and these advancements with the new technology are winning awards across the globe. The very prestigious Humboldt prize was recently awarded to Neurofocus, a leader in developing business applications for this type of technology.

People with a past history of epilepsy or seizures should NOT use the brain entrainment, because some beats can actually trigger seizures. Always check with your doctor before starting any program.

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