Biofeedback Games for a natural Zen state

Many ask me,  what in the world are biofeedback games ?

It's the ultimate personal development software for gamers.

Hows that?  Well... I would guess the best analogy I would spout off to you would be something like- have you ever been delighted by puppies and kittens chasing around balls of yearn in the safety of a living room designed with protection from natural predators?   It may seem like they are jumping through imaginary scenarios of being in the wild all the while overcoming the unruly realties of jungle life is all play.  However to the brain, it well may be real, and many  new discoveries point towards some clues or hints if you will, about how the DNA  of those little pets develop and allows the species to evolve during all of this "play" .

So when you think about it....  

We, just like our animal counterparts, learn best while playing and we will do it more often because we are having fun... which builds skills more efficiently.

What if we could effect our DNA  in new ways in order to best equip our evolutionary process with increased ability to sustain  or maximize all the wonderful benefits of complete self confidence by cultivating and nurturing peacefulness?

The premises is to expose the DNA naturally and easily to gaming situations in order to allow for adaptation of increased calm in order to better manage more stressful, complex circumstances which  you are presented with, in a whole new way.  

 With these games you can allow yourself to be taken to a whole new level of zen peacefulness where you can monitor your levels of tranquility with a click, as you enjoy your gaming time.  

The images are specifically designed to decrease anxiety and enhance your feelings of self mastery. 

This is a  mindfulness bundle series that has used the technological mastery of biofeedback, combined with ancient wisdom traditions that gives you results of tranquillity in as little as 15 minutes.  

By ordering the magic of Wild Devine software, you learn how to control your mind in order to remove negative states that result from stress , and anxiousness, in the comfort of your your favorite gaming chair.... which means it will be fun and if its fun your will play more.  Getting you to higher and higher levels of self mastery, that goes with you everywhere and has the built in potential to add positive effects all situation you find yourself in.

Check out the creators of Zen gaming. Enter into master ninja  zen states by simply hooking you into gaming that will have you monitoring your various states while on a virtual adventure.

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Meditation games for enhancing personal effectiveness are here!  


Gaming the good way because gamers can enter a whole new realm that offers positive results.

Change your typical approach to everyday stressors, where you more easily and effectively reach a natural state of a new level of confidence and self composure with zen like calm, inner tranquility and unwavering confidence in social situations, or work stressors, and most importantly to the gamer, is increased ability in in your gaming scenarios  across the board.