Determining  the Best Time to Exercise

 The best time to exercise all depends on you, the person that will actually do the exercising.. You decide ...

Perhaps a doctor might say "The best time to exercise is in the early afternoon because you are more alert and less likely to injure yourself" ..

While that might be true, what if you are a morning person and you like the way exercise gives you energy throughout the day?

Or, if you are trying to lose weight, you might exercise as soon as you wake up to get it out of the way, so you don't have to think about it for the rest of the day.

Remember, if you are using weight loss hypnosis, the desire to exercise comes naturally over time, the more you listen.  There is no effort in making you exercise. There is nothing to "get out of the way".   Finding out what is the best time to exercise for you, will become a fun adventure.

 I think there is a balance between the facts about the human body and what you feel is right for you.

  What is the best time to exercise for you?

These are the pros and cons of each exercise routine.

 The Morning


With exception of kids, there are less distractions and schedule issues
       in the morning. If you have kids, there is another advantage to the morning
       exercise routine...

You can wake up earlier and actually create time you wouldn't otherwise have.
       This is great when you have kids because you are already awake when they
       wake up

Air pollution is also at it's lowest in the morning, which will help, especially
       during summer,Your already thinking it...

Temperature. The weather is cooler in the morning, which is good for summer
       but not so good for winter.

It's easier to form a habit of exercising by doing it in the morning.

A lot of people feel they have more energy in the morning, as well as
       better mental focus.


your body temperature is lower in the morning, making it harder  to get "warmed up".

Because your body temperature is lower, your muscles aren't awake yet.
       This means you are more likely to get hurt if you don't do some good stretching
   Around Noon And Into The Afternoon


Body temperatures rise to their peak by late afternoon, so once again
       you are less likely to get hurt.

Stress relief towards the end of the day.

Exercising at this time of the day can curb your appetite, which helps
      with the diet.

Again, remember, if you are using weight loss hypnosis,
you don't have to try and control your appetite. You want to naturally
eat better foods, so you don't have to worry about your appetite.


If you are at work, there probably isn't much time to even eat, let alone exercising.

Lung functions are at their worst around noon, which makes it harder to make you get up and exercise. And, yes, you guessed it, making yourself , will become a non issue over time if you proceed with using weight loss hypnosis.

The Evening

Pro's ..

Body temperature being at it's peak .

Many people say that this is the easiest time of day to workout because your
      muscles are looser and so it is easier to form a habit here.

Easier to curb appetite here.

Once again, the last two here are not issues if you are using weight loss hypnosis.
(That's the last time, promise.)


Still some potential schedule conflicts

Sleep problems may develop. If they do, it's probably best to move your exercise routine to earlier in the day.

Please remember, I'm not a doctor here. This is just what I have seen and what many of my clients say about the best time to exercise.

Like I said earlier, I think this boils down to what is right for you

That is what really matters here.

The best time to exercise is whatever time of day you feel the most comfortable with.

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