Anxiety Hypnosis

Have you been ready to shake this feeling of dread? Anxiety Hypnosis can help. A lot of people use the word "anxiety" and the word "phobia" interchangeably. 

What is the difference in the two? and can anxiety hypnosis help with both?  Short answer : Yes it can certainly help.

Phobia is specific and is experienced when you are afraid of something particular or a specific situation.

Anxiety is general- it is experienced when your not exactly sure you know what your afraid of. You are just very scared of something.

Both can result in panic attacks, which is a paralyzing feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to feel a normal freedom of expression. 

In addition to getting the medical attention you may need, that is to say that if you are experiencing more then 1 panic attacks a day it is probably time to seek professional help.

Once you have gotten the professional attention, you are safe to proceed with using as many tools as you can get your hands on to manage and heal your panic.

Hypnosis will assist you in moving past your unnecessary fears and most importantly reduce the anxious feelings in order to help enable you to easily and gently relax.

Hypnosis will allow you to get to a safe and comfortable place within and then facilitate your natural ability to transfer that state of being completely relaxed while fully awake in your normal, everyday conscious state.

During an Anxiety Hypnosis Session you can sit in the comfort of your own home and go through the simulated experiences of speaking in public, job interviews, or what ever you are most anxious about while completely physically and emotionally relaxed ... while totally in touch with the part of you that is certain there is nothing to fear....etc.  Which is the key ingredient to why it works!

As you automatically feed your subconscious mind positive suggestions you naturally grow the areas of your brain that feel safe, peaceful, and fully aware of your surroundings.

This program is designed to enable you to find the root causes of your fears and allow you to see new ways to move past them, by changing your mind on a subconscious level. So you will feel safe and free to be the person who is, happy and laughs a lot!   While you kiss guilty feelings good by.

Anxiety hypnosis assists  you find the confidence you need to use those coping skills you may have listed  to move forward in your life and meet challenging situations with positive outcomes.

A major point...

There seems to be some confusion about that idea that if you have fears that means you lack courage. 

Actually the opposite is true, having fear does not mean you lack courage. Courage is something that entails you walk through your fears.

There is always an element of fear anytime you grow in courage.

Should you choose to visit my you tube channel to listen know that with continued listening your mind will find it easier to reduce the intrusive panic associated with:

being around people 

giving a presentation at school or work

joining in the fun at a party

as well as the  many of the other social situations you need and deserve help with.

This session assists you to reduce the fears associated with making changes so you can remain in the feelings of peace, calm and well being.  Being in the mist of the storm of developing the skills necessary to navigate social situations with increased self assurance.

Reducing anxiety is one of the greatest ways to reduce the premature aging process.

Be sure to see other tips and techniques that will help inform you about how to slow down the aging process by optimizing your natural defenses in many different ways with Mary at You can seize the day with more confidence and security, knowing that you are about to .....

                                    Jump out and Make another Great Day!

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