Anger Management Hypnosis

Anger Management Hypnosis is a discreet easy way to invite in more personal  power over anger NOW!

Because anger is unpleasant.. for everyone.
"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The simple truth is that my first hypnosis session was for anger. I had a problem with controlling the way I reacted to those closest to me.

Honestly, I tried many approaches in self help to try overcome my lack of ability to get my anger working for me rather then against me.

Hypnosis seemed like a good idea when a therapist recommended. He could see I was willing to work through what ever arose for me, and that I needed something more then he had to offer.

He reccommendedI should go see this great lady who might help.
It worked so well I decided to make a career out of helping others get the results I got.

That was back before you could log on and get a session prerecorded online like you can here.

My mentor and Hypnotherapist the late Gloria Wilburn, taught me so many wonderful life changing things that  I hope to share with you.

She was a gifted and talented healer, to whom I owe the best in me.
I also owe it to her, to put out the very best in sessions, in order to promote the credibility of the profession she loved so much and worked to promote, as much as,  now do.
I know hypnosis works well for reducing negative anger management,  because I have personally experienced it.

I am confident that today, anyone who knows me, finds it hard to believe, I could do the stupid hurtful things I did when I was angry, in my pre hypnosis days.

Today my hearts desire is known to those I am angry with. 

I have learned to increase my ability speak with a gentleness and come form a place of respect and love more easily with a sincere passion for the things I care about.  Ways, that promote the connection and safety my heart longs to know, and that my anger calls me to acknowledge.

My professional goal was to bring anger management hypnosis to as many people as I could ... in a more affordable format then I paid -   and would pay again for all the personal happiness I have received as a result of taking  action to do the personal sessions with her at the time, which were - eh hem... $120 and hour. Yup and I paid it, and would pay it again to get the new lease on life it has given to me.

Enough of my "uphill both ways in the snow" ranting, modern technology rocks, because it has opened up new ways to deliver anger management hypnosis.  That I know you are going to love, once you start seeing all the things happening in your world, as you start to get a hold you the inner strength by using anger management hypnosis any time you need it, it's there.

One thing that stands out about learning how to deal with anger, is the truth that our anger is a compass telling us something is not setting right with us. It lets us contact a form of power deep within us. Learning how to find patience and extend forgiveness is also a form of power, and is one of the greatest secrets to letting go of anger, in order to find productive solutions to the challenges we all live with from time to time in our busy fast paced lives.

So many people find that forgiveness is a nice idea and some even swear by its positive effects.  I believe this is a great and wonderful truth.

Unfortunately the reality is most of us, even the most eager, kind hearted, people only hope for the ability to truly forgive.

 Hint:  When you truly, honestly, forgive - you automatically forget the pain. You are free. 

It is not something that you have work at, or try at, or trade it in, for some less intense form of anger or pain,  due to the loss the wrong caused you.

The pain DISSIPATES from your mind for good, leaving you feeling more in control of your happiness.

If that sounds somewhat surreal, or foreign, or your doubting that, then you have not experienced clarity around your pain and you are re feeling the pain.  that literally means it is a re sentiment you have not learned how to let go of, no matter how hard you have may have tried. That may be why you have not forgotten or that may be because the habitual pattern have been dug in your brain- and that you can change with hypnosis. There is hope! 

Once you experience total true forgiveness, wrongs of others are more like a scar then an open wound and in that way you could say it's almost as though- in your mind and heart the pains and resentments  significantly diminished.

For most of the hurts we face in life that are within the normal parameters of life's daily injustices, have led us down the path of learning how to access the power of letting go.  Then there are those other things that may lie underneath the surface of conscious awareness, that are still lingering, pulling out our energy and ability to be free.   Once getting to those root causes and finding a process that allows true forgiveness, the pain naturally is let go of as well. That is to say that radical forgiveness affords us the ability to forget it and the pain attached to it for good. 

"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger then the causes of it"- Marcus Aurelius  

Noone wants to be triggered by wrath with vengeance, no one wants to  feel as if they have been taken out of harmony with the desire to know peace, safety, and personal power.

Would you like to grow the center of your mind that is in a natural balanced state of true and lasting authenticity thus happiness? You can with repetition of listening you can. 

Have you tried as hard as you could to eliminate the discomfort angry situations present you with, and still not gotten anywhere, but perhaps more angry and frustrated? 

Do you want to get out of the loop of reacting to your anger in negative ways that are not in your best interest? 

Like that one time you felt that gnawing discomfort of rationalizing and replying in your mind a scene when your anger got the best of you -due to some other persons inappropriate behavior?

Imagine feeling a flowing sense of peace, confidence and serenity, about how you handled a situation, with more dignity and self respect regardless of some awful thing what someone else did.   

If you answered yes to these questions then that's why you came here, and Anger Management Hypnosis with Brain Entrainment can help reduce the stress related to controlling your behavior when you feel angry.

Imagine gentle sound waves that will guide you into a place of total relaxation.

This technology is targeted towards the centers of your mind that get you into the state where your brain releases anxiety reducing hormones naturally.

With Anger Management hypnosis, the healing metaphors, will take you on a journey towards the state of peacefulness in order to promote more effective problem solving skills. Giving your more personal power to achieve increased states of peace. Giving you a chance to realize you have found the well being you are seeking, underneath all that stress and fear, that blows your anger up.  

You can do this while you listen to a session at your own convenience.

This Anger Management session will assist you in finding new ways to handle the stress related to angry situations in order for you to: 

Hook into a mind training that develops a deep sense contentment , so you are more capable of handling your current situation and anger productively.

Including targeted suggestions for you to allow yourself to feel increased calm during stressful situations.

Heighten your ability to see the situations that make you angry from a place of inner knowing, with a bird's eye perspective.

Provides a renewed openness to positive solutions.

Guide you into a peace state where you experience your higher perspective to replace confusion with clarity.

Train your brain to take time out for you, when you need it most.

Begin to explore and get in touch with solutions that may be available to you, once you are out of fear.
Feel the freedom to move forward on decisions that result in your anger being relieved.

Move into more happiness, and serenity, as you learn how to let go of unnecessary guilt.

Put your mind is in a state of complete focus, and experience peacefulness at will with practice.

Allow for space to relieve the need to touch things that may break, or push things away that you may be reaching for.

Give yourself a more powerful edge in making positive lasting changes that lead towards desirable outcomes.

Enjoy the ultra convenient and simple format, which you will download right to your computer.

Stay in touch with your inner confidence, security, safety, and certainty.  Feel, poised, relaxed, and increased personal power at deep levels of mind body and spirit with this Anger Management Hypnosis session.

Working on our problems in a state of anger, often does not lead to resolving issues or adjusting our goals.   Simply because,  the parts of the brain used to  function while problem solving, are at their lowest activity levels when we are in a state of anger. The areas of the brain that function when we are reacting to our angry feelings is a different place in the structure of the brain.  This reduction of brain power in the area of problem solving is at its lowest when we are mad.  That is another reason we make faulty decisions about how to react.                              

Anger Management Hypnosis will give you suggestions that will easily and effectively, empower you to stay calm and in control during those stressful situations when you need your brain power most.

Who said you can't buy happiness?

They must have lied, because I did, when I bought my Anger Management hypnosis session years ago...and it brought me lots more happiness. I bought freedom to let go of the things I was ready to release.

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