ADHD Treatment: Brainwave Entrainment combined with Hypnosis

ADHD treatment now receiving the stamp of approval from the medical doctors.

Brainwave Entrainment combined with Neurofeedback technology has been one of best advancements science has made for focus. It is delivering higher test scores in the children who are exposed to daily doses of hypnosis enhanced with brainwave technology.

Currently it is one of the little known ADHD treatment for children.

I fell in love with a product called a Galaxy Machine back in 98, for myself. I had to opportunity get one in hypnosis school I was very happy with it.

After a few sessions I consistently felt increasingly RELAXED, peaceful and happy, very happy.

That was before downloads technology hit the scene.

Now it is easier and more affordable then coming in for a session and having a private session, with a cd for you to take home for ongoing stress reduction.

The developers are successfully bringing the brainwave technology to the mass market directly.

As a parent you may prefer to experience the peacefulness and stress free daily dose of hypnosis to help you understand how great this stuff works to increase a natural relaxed state.

There is a page on the nav bar to the left that offers a free session. It is great for those of you who are wondering how this works.

Put your feet up relax and find out for your self what the benefits of total relaxation can be...enjoy!

When combined with Neurofeedback which is a scientifically proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms related to ADHD.

Children receiving ADHD treatment though this process can count on increased positive peer and parental interaction through the scheduled use of brainwave entrainment hypnosis audio technology. 

Can children be hypnotized?

Yes, in fact, I had no idea that kids are constantly in a hypnotic highly suggestible state, until I attended hypnosis school. Well they are. I was happy to find out that I had been hypnotizing my kids all their life.

Did you know that those wonderful prayers at bedtime is a form of mind conditioning? Yes it is.

So, if your schedule permits you to be at home with them at bedtime, see if this ritual is something that fits your parenting style.

Here is a positive prayer I'd like to share the man who wrote it is the late, Norman Sanders of Keller, Texas.

Over time I learned, to create more positive self talk for one ADHD Treatment that is homemade by mom or dad.  It is an art you can keep working on. 

What can I do right now? 

Hopefully there will be more requests to the schools by knowledgeable parents such as your self to incorporate these effective technologies into the school day.  One thing you can do is to copy and paste this link and email it to the principal and counselor at your child's school, and request a return response about how they felt about this study.

Opening a conversation in email allows you  to track what your school is responding to as far as your suggestions and requests on your child's behalf.

Here is one example about how the school setting may unknowingly actually wind up reinforcing lack of concentration and focus which  I have written about on my concentration page. 

Keep Maken it a Great Day with successful children!

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