ADHD ADD Hypnosis

ADHD ADD Hypnosis (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Welcome to ADHD/ ADD Hypnosis with Brain Entrainment created to bring you relief.

Are you struggling to overcome the overwhelm that comes with having ADHD/ADD?

One aspect that seems to make things worse is anxiety.

Does the fear of having overlooked some small, yet important detail, in a variety of areas in your life, stress you out and keep you constantly on the edge?

Living with ADD is frustrating and overwhelming because it effects so many areas of life from day to day.

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ADHD / ADD Hypnosis/Brainwave Entrainment


Adults with ADHD ADD are usually caught in a cycle of non stop worry. This sets up the cycle of more stress> chaos>overload> push faster, and harder to cope > more symptoms> more stress>>>> uuggg...

You may full well know that learning how to do new things is stressful because of your inability to follow through when interruptions arise keep side tracking you. Not to mention a general inability to read and digest large amounts of seemingly boring information.

Do managing details become difficult with sometimes even the littlest things seem impossible?

Those effects over time can lead into feelings of hopelessness, which have the potential to lead into bouts of depression.

You have found an answer that does not entail medication, or tedious boring techniques.

ADD ADHD hypnosis totally enhances the things you may have attempted with behavior modification techniques, by lowering stress related to making changes.

I like to compare it to an oil change on your car.

With out oil you can tune it up all day long, adding spark plugs (behavior modification and organization techniques) but it is not going to run smoothly, or to its optimal potential, without the necessary ingredient of oil (medication, or hypnosis / brain entrainment).

ADHD ADD hypnosis like oil change in your vehicle and will greatly enhance, all of your common sense efforts, to manage and control the chaos. The unstructured and unorganized environments that often plague many adults with ADHD, and their children.

We believe that since you will enjoy the stress reduction and deep relaxation that you will experience during this ADD ADHD HYPNOSIS session you will want to keep listening.

So you can get relief from symptoms that up until now, you may have considered long lasting and permanent.

Brain entrainment is the first known technology with promising potential to eliminate the persistent aspects of your symptoms, now it has been followed by Neurofeedback which has shown promising results .

One thing is for sure Neurofeedback kicks the heck out of being hooked into the medicine cycle long term and has shown to assist many to get off medications with a doctors stamp of approval.

We believe that finding great relief is possible, and it is now a valid treatment protocol used by many for changing the brain wave activity.

New scientific research suggests the effects are outstanding.

Rather then just retreating with the introduction of chemicals, this proven technology uses sound waves that are tracked by EEG machines to retrain the parts of your brain that are inactive or overactive

Now that the facts are in, doctors are free to put their stamp of approval on it.

Medication produces side effects such as stomach upset, sleeplessness, mood swings and appetite levels are lower.

Doctors are more inclined to see the overall benefits to patients because of the reduction of side effects.

This is great to raise awareness about the brainwave technology. But the down side is office visits are time consuming and often inconvenient and for some, cost prohibitive.

The easiest way to I have found to offer this solution is to simply make it available to download to your iPod or computer at a one time cost.

The scientific community is now recognizing that brain entrainment as well as hypnosis as a great compliment to Neurofeedback training for helping those with ADD/ ADHD.

With this new technology all you have to do is click the on button, sit back, and put your feet up and expose your brain to the sound waves while your brain automatically follows along.

The hypnosis session does it all for you as your relax completely and drift off to a natural, normal, state of peace and tranquility.

Many report that after a period of just 3-6 months they begin to see changes in their ability to focus.

What should I expect?

When you down load the ADHD ADD hypnosis session, you simply play it like a normal MP3 download and you will be able to faintly hear the trance beats in the background on some of the tracks. For optimal listening ear phone are suggested but not necessary.

As the soothing music plays your brain waves gently follow along in order to retrain the brain. It can even be done as you get cozy in your own bed and listen while you drift off to sleep at night.

Easy application: Put your feet up relax and the session does the rest

*Now you can increase your balance when juggling between work, family, and leisure.

*Enhance your ability to keep things running smoothly by remembering important details.

*Enjoy more clarity and laser focus.

*You instantly love the deep relaxation and over time the stress on your muscles during sleep will become a non issue resulting in rejuvenation of those muscles that hold extra tension in your back.

*Get the rest and revitalization you also deserve by listening at night while drifting off to sleep with the progressive relaxation techniques.

*Allow your mind to soak up the positive suggestions.

*Incorporate progressive relaxation techniques at the subconscious level, they are always there and become a part of your normal natural way of being.

*Some report after continue listening they score higher on exams.

*Improve new found freedom to:

*Enjoy the stress reduction naturally.