About Hypnosis

I frequently receive mail asking for more details about hypnosis so I just want to thank everyone for your questions!

When I tell someone I am a hypnotherapist the question I am always asked is ...Does it work? ...How? and...  What can it do for me? etc.

This begins a round of explanations where I catch myself attempting to simplify years of a crazy amount of esoteric study of the mind into a 10 sentence mini course about my discoveries into the human minds potential.  Particularly,  how it serves us in ways that prove we are designed to grow, expand, and move toward our desires. 

Building this site has made that conversation more informative, for myself, naturally I have grown from writing the site, as well those who have an interest in finding greater self awareness.  So if that sounds like you, just follow the links below to find out some interesting things I have discovered about hypnosis.

Typically there are two kinds of folks searching this topic who wind up here:

  • those who want a short answer and a way to start using the sessions today that I have designed and so I have written a little on each question to give of you in this category some ideas to think about while your downloading that interest you,
  • also those who maybe interested yet skeptical of the idea of that good old grab the credit card Ma  download some of that stuff now,  and would like to  yet  interested in more details just click on the questions to find out more. 

Does Hypnosis Work?   Yes!  Lots and lots of scientific research on hypnosis is showing us new levels of healing achievement and access to enhanced living through gaining more information.  I put this page together to give that inner skeptic in you, some added hope, complete with links to scientific research that has been done, as well as the a brief mention of some of the main factors in determining  whether hypnosis will work for you.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Well that took about 9 months of training for me to begin to get a good idea about some of the Hows of hypnosis, as well as about half that time to conclude that actually we ( the researchers and professionals using it for healing) don't have the full answer to that yet.  click the green link for my introduction to how it works. You'll find lots more then one page or paragraph of reading and lots more then one or two professional sessions as well.

So I encourage you to continue learning as much as you can. In a nut shell, by programming your unconscious mind to react in certain ways you will see an increase in your ability to reach your goals quicker, easier, and with more enthusiasm then ever before once you begin, just know it took years of studying for me to work it the way I do.  There is lots of information put together here for you in order for you to find your own unique pathway to change and how to use your creative potential in new exciting ways. 

I have packed this site with lots of information so bookmark this page now to find it easier.

I love educating others about hypnosis, so this site keeps growing, therefore be sure to ask questions, if you don't find the answers you were looking for by simply using the contact me form, I'd love to fill you in on the things I have learned and am continuing to learn.

What is the History Of Hypnosis ?

From ancient civilizations through history and into the present, we have been using various forms of hypnosis.

Something as simple as sitting down to the comfort of your favorite reading material exposes to your mind to the suggestions on the page. Even the songs we love to listen to could be hypnotic and motivate us at times. Since we are bombarded with media more and more every day our minds are given many suggestions that we act upon all the time.

Using hypnosis for healing and achieving your dreams is what makes the difference for many of the readers coming here seeking to find out how to tap into this natural normal part of our human potential.

By learning more about hypnosis and how it works gives you more power to make choices to take the actions you need to bring about some of your deepest wishes.

Is Stage Hypnosis Real?

Well it is not usually a set up with actors in the audience who are all putting on a show for the audience , yet it is  only  a form of silly entertainment that keeps those of us with a sense of humor in touch with what our minds can and will do for us when we are willing to allow it too. 

Stage hypnosis is meant to be fun. 

It is different from hypnotherapy and hypnosis used for personal change. While one is a form of entertainment the later is a form of creating motivation and learning how to provide your mind with the necessary focus to follow through as well as overcome negative automatic responses that are not getting you the end result you may be seeking.

Whats The Difference Between Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is designed to target putting stuff into your programming, verses hypnotherapy, which does this too, yet hypnotherapy goes further,  by assisting you in taking a different perspective on some of those programs that are not servicing your wants, needs and desires.

What Are Some Of The Known Risks Of Hypnosis?

Well there are some,  one major risk of doing hypnosis is doing bad hypnosis ,  I actually am a hypnosis snob.  I have seen some poor practitioners implementing some not so well designed suggestions that could complicate things for the subject.  I always recommend that you check out the credentials of the person you are choosing to let work on you.  

Make sure they did not just attended an 8 week seminar in order to receive verification of a "Master Hypnotist Certification" or worse yet a "Life Coaching Certification Course" .

Be sure they have at minimum a Masters Degree in some form of Psychology, Counseling or Psychotherapy from an Accredited University.

 It is okay to ask if they got an online degree if so, does it allow them to be licensed?

Any reputable practitioner will provide you with a state license indicating they have passed all the to exams and done their internship hours before setting up practice in the filed of psychotherapy they got their advanced degree in. Trust your intuition and apply your common sense, being a foot surgeon and learning about feet indicates expertise in podiatry not psychology and vice a versa.

That being said using hypnosis to help you has many benefits. The side effects of good hypnosis are typically all good.  There area few things that you may want to know about hypnosis, concerning any down sides.  So be sure to find out more about the most important things to consider when you are using hypnosis by taking time out to read various perspectives about this .

I always recommend  you listen to your session once or twice all the way through while wide awake, by not closing you eyes within the first week of getting the session, to get a feel for what is on there.

Do this after you have listened during trance to help you get the most out of your sessions.

What Can Hypnotic Suggestions Do ?

A lot.

If you live in a developed county they are all around you, so by taking responsibility for what goes into your creative mind you have more power over your choices and decisions surrounding your actions.

Plant potent seeds to make your most powerful muscle work at its best for you. These ideas that will activate your unique potential.

You Mentioned Hypnotic Deepening Techniques, What Is That?

Deepening techniques are used to keep the trance state at a level that is productive for the subject Simple ways you can go deeper..... the deeper you go the easier it is to program your creative centers of the mind.  The more you do it the better you become at going deeper faster!

What is Hypnotic Awakening?

It is a group of techniques used to pull the subject out of the trance state. The set of techniques used to facilitate your ability to come out of trance are all a simple part of ending your session. Babies do it naturally all the time.  By becoming more aware of your post hypnotic suggestions you will come out of trance more revitalized and refreshed and ready to take the actions that bring you closer to your hearts desires which is why I recommend listening to your session while fully awake, and it is easy to do by simply not following the suggestions to close your eyes,

 Do not try this while driving.  I recommend it once you have had a good nights sleep and to do it while sweeping the house.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

We are not really totally sure.  We do know  it is the key to unlocking success and happiness. We like to think we know we are programming it to help you begin to act and react in ways that you may be struggling with.

 By opening a deeper, richer, connection with the part of your that has enormous potential that you can begin to act upon right away.

When you are in the subconscious mind state your brainwave activity acts in somewhat of a  predictable manner according to our current understanding of the human brain and the technology we now have to identify changes.

What is the Superconscious Mind?

We are only beginning to distinguish between the two as researchers, investigators and  as clinicians.

Yogis and the like have been way ahead of the curve on this one. I remember a book written years ago that was right on the mark in this area , it alluded to super conscious state but never really used that exact term.

It is a term I thought I made up since I had never heard it used when I wrote the page, so it's pretty amazing to see it all over the internet, years after I published this page, tells me I was already hooked into it all along ...also keeps me humble knowing that theres many others out using the same words at the same period in communication history.  Mind you, I have not submitted to any peer reviewed journals, ( where it may have made its way into the common nomenclature it seems to becoming),  because I do not consider myself scholarly, since I  have been focusing my time and efforts on practicing rather then research.   Seems like somewhere I must have read it referred to by a qualified theorist. If I could just get past that gnawing feeling of excitement and courage, flowing when I wrote it on the pages of this site I could say for sure, either way, the term is currently widely used to describe our state of awareness when we are connected to something beyond our human mind.  

Our modern technology has grown so much in this area and now you can tap into your universal connection and using the law the of attraction to manifest your desires in steroids using brain wave technology. 

This is the blissful part of your being that you want to get to know, in order to transcend and evolve past your current situations that may cause you to be challenged. 

Can I Do Self Hypnosis?

 Sure, you can because all hypnosis is considered to be self hypnosis,  the thinking here is that YOU are allowing your self to be hypnotized.

Do you want to use it for all the things you would want to change about your self in a life time? Well Id say sure I know I do.....  

 I started with getting a professionally created prerecorded session on self esteem years before i had a personal session, it allowed me the luxury of just putting my feet up and enjoying the process at a minimal cost I think I paid about 20.00 USD for Dr. David Illiage's work.

It was a charm, I listened every night as I drifted off to la la sleep land with pleasant dreams.

Then as I went on to learn more, and I can say that I found that either way- if you design some sessions with suggestions yourself at least it is a beginning,  just be aware that you may want keep it very simple and not try to tackle major changes with it alone at first. I recommend you use the techniques as enhancements to what ever supports the things you are using to address your areas of personal development. 

Sure you can learn some pretty great techniques and for a fraction of the cost of a  private hypnosis session cus it would probably be free.

Learning self hypnosis is really fun, so I do recommend taking time to learn about it, and then make some good suggestions for your self. It is  something I love and have been using, even long before I became a professional.  It's one of many ways to change your results, simply by taking your power to reprogram your mind in new ways, to a new level.  After you have experienced it yourself, you will really know a little more about hypnosis and  then all you have to do is go out and....

Create more happiness for your self and enjoy a great day.

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