Spirituality means different things to all of us.  

Keeping that in mind I have narrowed down a few commonalities most of us agree on when discussing such a broad and personal topic. I could safely say that spirit is the unfolding of the longing of life to fully express itself.

Imagine the essence of the flower, it may not even be conscious of itself yet, it has meaning, a purpose beyond it's own understanding of itself to the senses of the beings that behold it's comforting glow.

Spirituality does not fight change, it allows. The part of us that is reason, begs to argue with the flow of change from moment to moment. 

I like to think of Spirituality as the flow of eternity or change, encased with in the cage of reason, for a temporary moment in time, in order to, like the flower - unconsciously, humbly fulfill some purpose or meaning that will consistently be beyond it's own understanding. 

Simple, yet complex.

Hypnosis goes hand in hand with spirituality. It is a great tool to naturally embrace the unfolding and growing ever present in life in new ways. Simply because there are many cross overs between your spiritual growth and your well being, and your ability to be mindful of various states that the process of unfolding offers.

By practicing mind training with hypnosis you are renewing your mind and this gives you the ability to tap into a heightened awareness of the connectedness of fulfilling the spirits desires.

The body/ mind/ spirit connection has been described in many traditions as our three parts of being.  Hypnosis is the perfect tool to address all three.

I like to think of this way

Our body: our brain, the organ that directs our regulatory system and allows us to function physically. I think in terms of FOOD. 

Our mind: in such a way that we enter various states of being such as full waking consciousness,  or sleeping,  this governs all of our thought process and how we think and make sense out of our world like refreshing revitalizing WATER to our physical sences.

Our spirit: that mysterious ever present unfolding of our desires,  the AIR that ignights and brings forth the miracle of life through us.  

This reflects our creativity, as well as our level of receiving blessings, even our ability to generate blessings to those around us, that we know and love.  ....   ......  and sometimes don't know quite how to love.

Prayer is one way that we voice our hearts desire. So for the sake of fun, lets analyze the basic word:

Praise is the action form of this word,  therefore lets conclude prayer should have the element of praise.

 We can easily to turn any request into a prayer. But rather then asking for this or that magical thing to happen, we can join with our creators will by engaging in praise we are officially making our hearts desires known to our selves.  

The curious notion that our creator already knows our desires, makes it obvious to us that the prayers we speak are for our growth.

But why?

Maybe it's to cultivate a gap, in order to recognize a union, with something far greater then we can imagine in our earthly bodies. 

With this in mind my next thought is: then prayer is simply our desire to enter into a realm that is beyond what we see hear and feel in our day to day lives of perceiving the reality of those limitations we are presented with here in time. 

If you are requesting something change in your world and you seek it through prayer then it must come from our belief that it will come to you from the creator hands.

I believe, that when we enter into prayer we are requesting something that we already know we did not make,  yet we are affirming our willingness to be used by and as that HAND

This being the possibility, it is much more powerful to consider the spiritual gifts we are seeking to incorporate into our personal development path, and use those things, as tools to get connected to our creators higher will for us. These things are not just the lofty endeavors of virtuous icons such as nuns and monks.

I was told that a prayer is an affirmation to our creator, that we are grateful for something and acknowledge that it was the awesome presence of the creator that made it come into being. 

This humble approach to prayer considers the essence of what most spiritual traditions all seek to help bring about.  

An acknowledgment of purpose and intent that connects us to our highest good. 

Our highest good is often something we are evolving into understanding, just as our predecessor the “cave men” came and went and along the way, did their part to assist the human race in finding better ways of being - in the rugged, and demanding awesome miracle of life, that they experienced.  

We still have a common spirituality with those ancestoer of ours who also used there minds to connect with that something "beyond".

The act of spirituality is simply an acknowledgment of its unfolding. A deep respect for our ability to animate its essence, in what ever way it unfolds.  As far as we can tell this potential is limitless and are beyond our capability to know as well. 

Here is the Prayer of Consciousness by Normal Sanders of Keller Texas. 

He was a retired Baptist minister. His spiritaulilty led him to be was accused of getting too far out of the box by his contemporaries mind you.

He was certainly gifted and ahead of his time, in may ways. When I met him in 1983, I was pregnant with my first daughter. BTW, he was the first person to informally introduce me to hypnosis years ago. 

I taught this prayer to my own children, and their have been many miracles along the way for us.

I still love this sweet prayer that is relevant to Christian spirituality:

Infinite Intelligence Flowing through me I speak the word of God with the power of God,

In the name of Jesus Thank you father 

For the consciousness of perfect health 

For the consciousness of opulent wealth

For the consciousness of harmonious self and

For  the consciousness of order in our universe

(I added "let Thy will be done, amen")

AMEN is a word that is such a powerful suggestion word because it speaks of a past action that is happening in the moment. It has the power to manifest, maybe kind of like Jesus did with the fishes... 

Amen means "so be it".

Opulent wealth and abundance hypnosis 

Since spirituality means so many different things to many different people, I would love to hear what your spiritual moments or perceptions you would like to share add or share for everyone visiting on here so please feel free to comment below in order to increase others self understanding. 

As we practice our awesome ability to let our spirituality unfold, being conscoius of our words is a great way to use our logic and reason to align with this intention and assist this practice to happen.

Hypnosis can be used like natural steroids to develop our connection to what ever we perceive spirit or inspiration to be.

It can be a great tool to facilitate awareness of our desires for change as well as  our desire for increased abilities to reach new levels of achievement.    So that we can play the game of life more fully and completely while we are encased within the realms of time.

Writer's, poets and philosophers have been doing this through out all of human history.

With great success, many have been Overcoming Writers Block  and providing us with the inspiration. You may know someone who is very talented and may want to use it in order to courageously meet and successfully use their inborn gifts, such as learning how to defy and redefine limits and potentials such as with Overcoming Stage Fright.

Spirituality can be something that connects us and fulfills the inborn natural longing we all have to feel secure, in an ever changing present that we can not, as far as we know at this point, have no control over.

The very fact that the part of us that is reason, insists we master all of the challenges of survival while in time full well knowing this is beyond Reason invites us to come to terms with our Spirituality.

This allows us some connection to the part of us that transcends Reason and Time. That is why I think the topic has so many over laps in the discussion of how hypnosis relates to our Spirituality and it's development  

Since spirituality is so many things, to so many people, I'd love to hear about your Spiritual development and how it relates to hypnosis,  so please feel free to comment in a positive light your ideas and unfolding and please tell us  the unifying concepts of prayer that makes spirituality a uniquely definable presence in your life.

Connect with us about your mindfulness practice - reveal your spiritual story and how it is unfolding for you today.

Have you been noticing a leap in your faith in your journey lately? Do you have a great story about how hypnosis helped you meditate more quickly or feel a peak intuitive moment that helped shape your perspective? How about something encouraging you'd like others readers to know about? Share it!

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