Rituals and Relaxation Tips

Welcome to this page to help you cultivate the rituals and relaxation tips that are great for bedtime! It is a great way to build and cultivate a habitual pattern of peace into your lifestyle.

Children are susceptible to all sorts of distractions through out the day, This can range from after school activities to daily chores. These distraction often are wonderful life enhancers, how ever they all bring on extra stress.  In order to combat the habitual patterns of being in go -go- go mode, it is easy and effective to begin to build and strengthen those parts of the us that know peace. When both the mind and body are working together, creating this type of space within in further strengthened. 

This is important In order to maintain a positive outlook.  Taking time  to relax before bed at night invites the body to experience the habit of peace.

Anything done consistently will eventually become natural.

Here are the rituals and relaxation tips I recommend for parents at night time,( as well as all adults) who are attempting to cultivate healthy habits of peace:

Begin the rituals and relaxation tips at bedtime with your child by letting him get comfortable physically.  If you already have a story routine this will come after you have completed this part of the night time routine.  Turn on some relaxing music without words and let him "get comfortable and relaxed" by directing his attention to his "limitless imagination muscle" use visual words as cues for guiding him to a safe place somewhere in nature... that is a totally safe... a peaceful place.

You can give positive suggestions to encourage this, something along the ones of: You can be there alone or have a special guide that protects you.

This guide could be a pony, a stuffed toy, a spiritual figure or whatever you like.

You will want to talk slowly in a soothing voice.

You can just say words that support safety while he is drifting off to sleep. Let your voice be quiet and comforting. Keep referring to the safe things your child clings to in stress … toys or bears, blankets, or whatever is comforting to him. Say something like … pretend you are comfortable and safe, let your toes relax...etc.

These are great hypnotic techniques that you can incorporate into your parenting style.

Hypnosis done by you in this manner at night, particularly  for children with anxiety, is very effective. It allows him to feel his feelings of anxiousness while having the reassurance of your presence and protection and also having the feelings validated by the person he wants to trust more then himself -you- his role model and parent.

Remember, I would not suggest using rituals and relation tips in a forceful way,  as that would be counter productive.  If he says "no" or tells you to "stop making me do this" then stop right away. Give him his space immediately and just sit quietly with your child in order to support a lowered state of fear and unrest. This would be an opportunity for your child to feel a sense of personal power and space. Not to mention it enhances your ability to find comfort in allowing your child to be in space of personal power and choice as well, which by the way, can serve as the dual purpose of preparing you for that first flight out of the nest in years to come, and will make those teen age years a little easier on you and your child the more you practice the gentle art of letting go in various ways! (wink)

By listening to my relaxation recording at this address :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEvd1iZUg6I

you will get the idea. Take time out for a free session to experience what I am referring to.

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Make a great day tomorrow by using these rituals and relaxation tips tonight!!

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