Why do this Money-outlook-exercise?

Are you looking for ways to increase your net worth and to improve your relationship with money? This exercise is intended to guide you through a process to open your abundance map, and increase your awareness of your personal relationship with money.

Money-outlook-exercise Step 1

Write out a check for any amount you want. Pretend that this is your bank account and you are writing out a paycheck to your self sign it date it with today's date.

Money-outlook-exercise Step 2

As you let the answers unfold they may or not make sense as they come into your mind, that is okay. Because this not the part of the exercise where you want to analyze, it is information gathering, so just let it flow.

Why did I write this amount?

Why not more?

Why not less?

Who will I spend it on?

What will I buy?

Be sure to spend the entire amount on this shopping extravaganza.

Where will I be when I am spending it?

When will I know I have enough money?

Money-outlook-exercise Step 3

Now you are onto the analyzing phase of this exercise. As you looked at these aspects of how you related to money during this exercise, what parts of you felt unrest?

What were your voices and words of disbelief?

What type of things will I receive emotionally from having had this experience with my money?

The ideas about how you now act on the choices you have been given 'up until now' have gotten you where you are right now.

These are ways that you are letting yourself act right now.

What inconsistencies did you discover?

How can you address them so, you can define a path that you are going to act on?

Money-outlook-exercise Step 4

You are analyzing at this point -not taking any action at this point. So you are safe to get honest and just take a realistic look with out some of the fears involved in doing anything different. Ask yourself:

Are all of my beliefs true and correct?

Which ones are not?

Just imagine you have the answers within and trust they will come on the page as you begin to write.

I hope this helped you to uncover things and see things in a new light.

Do the exercise from time to time as you move forward.

Are you interested in more mind training techniques? I recommend the next two steps -Steps 5 and 6.

(If you have already done the session scroll down to skip this overview and go to step 6 now)

I also recommend the Creating Abundance Session hypnosis session. This will guide you to go within and spin a protective cocoon while you grow new wings in order to fly right to the abundance already available to you.

Live the life you were meant to live where flying to the top is your natural purpose, and will become manifest no matter where you are right now.

Do you want to find more fulfillment and happiness, then you are getting by crawling to the cubical every day to struggle to follow along with the norm?

Would you be willing to give yourself a $10.00 indulgence that will result in a comforting and protective surrounding for 30 minutes a day, while drifting off to sleep at night?

Can you imagine the luxury of a guided visualization designed to get you to the top with some real wings?

What if by chance, you do follow the norm and eventually go that route and get to the top, once you get there, will you wonder if still haven't gotten any wings to truly fly?

Do you want to have a unique way of spreading flower essence around the world?

Imagine that like a caterpillar you had a cocoon you could spin and by doing so, your wings could grow, and you could flourish, and live in harmony, adding more to the world?

Check out this wonderful session to add momentum to your personal development road towards wealth and happiness.

You will automatically program your subconscious mind to change your Money-outlook as you move along on your path towards more abundance and well being.

Seize any new opportunities to smell the free flowers and come into deeper understanding on the subconscious level.

Become consciously aware of your contrasting beliefs you may hold that are limiting your potential to reach out and grab the wealth that surrounds you everyday.

Generate ideas about how to move forward.

Release procrastination, fear and doubt. Let freedom from guilt guide your actions.

You will have built a safe place within to build a cocoon and start applying what you have learned ...jump in and do it,

You will find the session on Creating Abundance will give you space to continue on this path towards developing a stronger more well defined set of wings, as you venture out to begin to take actions on what you have learned.

If you should choose to download this session today will immediately appreciate the deep relaxation of the hypnosis script and well as the heightened focus the brainwave technology offers.

You get the clarity of mind from a relaxing session, it cost's about 1/4 of a professional massage -$9.95.

Listen as often as you wish. Once purchased, the download can be applied to many areas. As you out grow your current hold backs and get to the next level of abundance you can continue to grow your success by continued listening.

Creating Abundance Hypnosis

Money-outlook-exercise Step 5

Do the Abundance Hypnosis session.

As you continue to increase and grow this muscle. You will automatically come into your conscious awareness that expansion is limitless.

Then do this next step.

Money-outlook-exercise Step 6

Write down the answers to these questions:

What actions am I inspired to take today?

What new areas of self forgiveness became a part of my new awareness?

How did learning to be in a "got rid of my guilt for a minute" space help me in some small way today?

How has the experience of forgiving others on this profound level changed my limited ideas that were surrounded by doubts and fears?

You are now on your way. Continue listening every night while drifting off to sleep will give you the relaxation at even deeper levels every time you listen, you grow your relaxation abilities.

Also listen on your day off when you wake up later then usual and have more flexibility in your morning routine. It will get your day started with a great awakening.

Congratulations on taking control by doing this Money-outlook-exercise and your journey towards creating more wealth for your wealth and those you come in contact with.
Make a Great Day!

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