Meet Maureen Killoran of Successful Mind Training

I am Maureen,  creator, author, and editor of this site;  

I provide the tools to increase your natural ability to lower the stress associated with change.

Although hypnosis is not a substitute for necessary medical care,  it can assist you with mental reinforcement in reaching your goals.  Hypnosis should not be used as a stand alone medical intervention.  

 If you are suffering  with a mental health condition it is my recommendation that you speak to  your doctor and seek out the a proper mental health professional to address your concerns.  

You will find many perspectives written about on this site, and while it is important for you to get as much information as you can about what is needed to make the changes you are seeking,  it is not the same as professional mental health treatment from a caring trained health professional when the need arises.

Maureen E. Killoran, Platinum Author

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