Listen First Then Buy

Here is a great way to get comfortable with how the sessions sound.

That way you will already have figured out how easy it is to start making hypnosis a part of your daily routine. Listen while drifting off to sleep. Listen in the morning after a good nights rest as well.

Just follow your heart, let it guide you, there is no right or wrong way to get the best out of this session. Just tune into what ever works best for you.

I believe in you and am sending out positive energy into the universes to all who have come here and suspect that you will too once you hear this. The cool thing is, once are we are all connected on that level ... it adds momentum to all of our listening- you probably don't need me to back that up with a link to the scientific evidence that this is pretty much true, as far as those scientists can tell.


Listen for as often as you can 30 days. Just remember not while driving or with doing anything that requires you open your eyes!

So before you grab your credit card and make a purchase, do this first: Listen once, while you may drift off to sleep and that is ok.

 Then after you have experienced the session while in a hypnotic state come back and skip through the induction part and listen while you do some light house work like sweeping or laundry folding in order to get an idea of the process.

This does two things It helps you understand what things to look for, as far as changes in full waking consciousness, that you want to consciously build on, as well as give you some calming trigger words you can use while fully awake that you want to use repetitively in increase that path way in your brain. 

Then I invite you to come back and check out the sessions listed on the side bar that will get you more happiness, more peace and most of all more of what you want.

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