Letting go of false beliefs...What Are False Beliefs?

In order to truly begin the process of letting go of false beliefs, I first would address a clarification on this note.....

What is a false belief anyway?

A false belief is something that does not hold true, yet for some unknown reason it is a belief held by the unconscious mind to have validity, and therefore should be given consideration, as the automatic mind carries out it's job of manifesting reactions to stimulus.

Some false beliefs held at the unconscious level can work well for you. Here is one such situation:

Lets say you on a football team, and your team is counting on you to make a critical play during an important game, but unfortunately you have just suffered a minor injury that could impede your performance.

If you have a false belief that this particular type of pain is not really important at the moment and is to be ignored temporarily, this is a false belief that allows you to continue to play at optimum level and make the play, and reach the goal, regardless of your injury.

On the other hand, more often then not, most of us have false beliefs playing over and over in our heads at the unconscious level, that may cause us to underachieve in reaching our goals.

Here is one way we acquire these types of hold backs, or unconscious challenges... Let's say you are six years old and you're at a family holiday party.

You break your new toy and start crying.

So, in an effort to decrease the unpleasantness of the situation your Aunt Sally says...

"It's okay. Stop crying. Good children behave and don't make their parents angry." In her most kindest voice of encouragement. 

Of course she is just trying to help you calm down.

But the problem is that she indirectly tells you to stop being immature

...when you are six years old. There may be some truth to this and that's where the subconscious mind comes to accept this suggestion.

Which eventually translates into you are not okay. In addition it also implies you are in control of your parents feelings.

So, as time goes on and you grow up, this can translate into low self esteem, or a feeling of inadequacy, because you believe that it's not okay to cry and that you are supposed to "be good". Therefor as an adult you are not free to feel your full range of feelings.

Socialization tells you in order to be considerate of the comfort of those around you, you must control your self and monitor your conscious awareness of your true feelings and passions.

To add to it, you are now may believe that you have some amount of power and control over another persons feelings as a result of being told your not suppose to make your parents angry or unhappy, just by how you react to your own feelings. This may be true to some extent, but not always its those not always situations that lay the foundation for many false beliefs.

Believing these things are a form of unproductive false beliefs.

And that's just one example, of course.

So, how do we get rid of them?

You guessed it...hypnosis.

Here's how it works...

Your subconscious mind holds all of these false beliefs, as well as your true beliefs.

So, the key is to work with your subconscious mind to help you in letting go of false beliefs, or better said unproductive false beliefs. Going directing to the root of an unproductive false belief can be done while in the altered state of trance.

During trance your automatic mind is open to new programs, once you open the door, by turning the key, you unlock your hidden potential by entering the deeply relaxing state of hypnosis.

While there you are able to reprogram that unconscious, by allowing the mind to see it is time to begin letting go of false beliefs such as what your aunt or- who ever it was for you, told you.

By acknowledging that is not necessarily true at the subconscious level, you can let go of this old useless program and replace it with a positive stronger suggestion to act upon.

Such as- you are a powerful, dynamic, and passionate individual determined to get the results you are seeking. Or something similar  that you think fits who you truly are today. Even better, is a suggestion of the person who you know you want to become.

Once your subconscious mind sees this unproductive false belief as it is, we give it a true belief to replace it.

Maybe your asking your self weather or not this rings true for you and you have no recollection of anything such as this occurring for you.

Perhaps your asking yourself ...How do I know if I have any of these unproductive False Beliefs?

Most of us are unaware of the things that may have gone in and are held at the subconscious level that are tripping up there self confidence or ability to have a more abundant life.

The good news is that the ecomony of the subconscious mind is usually very accurate. If asked while in trance to go to a particular program that is producing current hold backs, the subconscious mind will willingly work with you during the session and take you to the old worn out programs that are tied to certain outcomes you are currently producing.

So, keeping with the example above, we show your subconscious mind the reality is that...

"Children are immature because they are young. That is what "immature" means. And that's okay. Every child is immature to some extent."

And also...

"The only reason my parents would get angry about me crying is because it makes them uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with me or how much they love me, or for that matter, how worthy I am of deserving to embrace high self esteem for being all that I am today."

Remember, this is an over simplified example of letting go of false beliefs.

Everyone is unique.

So, the ideas and beliefs you work through in hypnosis may not make sense to someone else, but to YOU they are meaningful, and that's all that matters in order to begin letting go of false beliefs.

A lot of people say that it is often the little things they discover in hypnosis, that enable them to make a big change, and move forward in their lives.

Regardless of what the issues are, the bottom line is about you having a new ability to rework your ideas and beliefs so you can move forward and ease into letting go of false beliefs.

Hypnotherapy is a very direct way to do that.

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