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Hi Everyone,

As you know, I VERY rarely pass these kinds of things on- but this one I thought was worth forwarding. I, for one, wholeheartedly support the spirit of what it is pushing for. If it resonates you...

The Oneness Day Petition:


As mentioned in the last letter I wanted to include some tips on how to use self hypnosis techniques to further your endeavors to achieve success.

By taking time each day to vibrate at higher levels you will be magnifying your ability to continue to grow in that direction.

SELF HYPNOSIS is one way to bypass the critical thinking mind and allow for more optimism. Remember optimism breeds more optimism. Here is your simple way to get started today.

1. Pick a time of day that is most comfortable for you , this was it will become easy and automatic.

2. Open your text edit or use a pen and paper if you prefer. Write down 5 things you are grateful for.

Honestly many say, I already take time to be grateful, how can this possibly be any more helpful then that? In reality it, is the action of taking time to actually resonate at this higher level by seeing it in black and white that will support you in your efforts to draw in more positive outcomes.

Many have said they noticed a shift and the universe responded with generating more energy and optimism as a result of doing this for a period of thirty days. Those such as myself, still do it years later as a result of noticing the shift. Most learned that when they did this action step is actually set in motion the energy needed to strengthen and continue to grow their ability to vibrate at higher levels.

So by doing this, you take control of increasing your optimism simply by doing this repetitively. Have a great day!




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